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Will the Baryonyx Escape? LEGO Jurassic World Review

Our coverage of LEGO Jurassic World continues with another fantastic set from the fine folks at The LEGO Group International. The last set we looked at was an impressive, shareable set that includes three minifigures and a large Carnotaurus. This one is equally as impressive, and even includes the first official floatable boat in the series! Let’s take a look at the Baryonyx Dinosaur Boat Escape!


The Build

Once again, the price-per-piece is probably not going to impress, but the set does come with a large – over a foot long! – sealed boat hull that is the central focus of the set. Built onto the hull is a captains deck where the ship is steered from, a large spotlight on the front, and a proper harness for the Baryonyx at the back.

Putting the set together was great fun, and again my eight year old son Lochlan was up to the task of putting it together. While he required a bit of help on a few Technic pieces used to harness the dinosaur, the rest of the set went together with ease. While Lochlan was a big fan of the three axel truck from his previous review build, the boat proved to be an even more impressive build for him.

Included with the set is a little inflatable boat that can be used to chase down an included baby T-Rex, or providing an easy escape should the Baryonyx get out of the harness!

It’s Time to Play

The second Lochlan saw the box where it indicated that the boat would actually float, he couldn’t wait to get it into the bathtub. And what fun he and my youngest son had playing with the sets. Sitting outside the tub and using the ledges for the car and helicopter from our previous review, they had a great time recreating scenes from Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous with the large Baryonyx and Carnotaurus!

Worth a Purchase?

What May throw off some Jurassic World fans is that the set is based on characters from the Netflix TV show, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. This set includes the series’ main character, Darius, along with one of his marooned friends, Yaz. While we don’t know yet if Owen Grady will factor into the Netflix show, it was a good move from LEGO to include him in this set.

Still, regardless of the characters, this is one fantastic set. Although the price-per-piece is VERY high, it’s important to remember three things that drive the price of a LEGO set sky high: minifigures, 3 in this set; a large, pose-able dinosaur that towers above everything; and floatable boat hull measuring over a foot long.

When you factor in these items, the cost of licensing, and more, the price is easily justified, and there are hours of fun in the box for those looking for it!


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