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Will Elden Ring be at Summer Game Fest? What We Know So Far

Games always get overhyped before they come out and Elden Ring is no exception. While Geoff Keighley is promising 30+ games to be shown off during the Summer Games Fest – kickoff to E3 2021 – everyone seems to be focused on one thing: will Elden Ring be shown off today? While we cannot answer that with any certainty, we can talk about what we know heading into today’s event!


Developer, Publisher, Writer, etc.

Elden Ring is being developed by From Software and is being published by Bandai Namco. The game is being overseen by Demon’s Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki, and is beeing written by Miyazaki and Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin. In case you were wondering, no – the newest Game of Thrones novel will NOT be at E3 2021…

These two names alone should be enough to hype up Elden Ring beyond what should be reality, but with nothing be seen of the game since it was revealed at E3 2019, there is a subsection of the gaming world that is quite nervous about how the game is progressing. Still, is it possible a project helmed by these two creative superstars could be in trouble? We sort of doubt it.

What is it About and What Will We See?

Elden Ring is an action role playing fantasy game that will feature an open world, rideable mounts, and loads of combat. Development began way back in 2017, with the first reveal of the game happening during E3 2019. Since then, things have been very quiet, and without an E3 in 2020, it seems like ages since we’ve been given any glimpse of this title. While many folks have questioned whether this game would see the light of day, I completely understand why nothing has been shown to this point. You don’t go showing off Elden Ring unless you have an outstanding platform to do it on. And while companies like Nintendo have cemented themselves as one of the best for dropping announcements via social channels, this isn’t the type of update you just drop on fans. It needs to be calculated, polished, and ready for mass consumption.

If Elden Ring is shown off during E3 2021, expect it to be lengthy. Fans need a dozen minutes or more of Elden Ring – a few minutes of trailers won’t cut it. There is also this leaked video to get you excited for what is to come:

Are you looking forward to more Elden Ring news today? Let us know if you think it will be shown!


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