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More Thoughts From Me #72: I Miss X-Play

There has never been too many TV shows about video games, but there use to be a few. In this day of YouTube, it doesn’t seem like anyone cares if there are TV shows about video games. People can just go on the internet and watch such shows. I still miss being able to turn on the TV and catch some video game content. My favorite such show about video games was X-Play. It aired first on TechTV and then on G4. Let me tell you about it.

X-Play was hosted by Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. Actually the show started out with just Sessler and then added Webb as a co-host. I didn’t see the show much with just Sessler. When I started watching it, Morgan Webb was part of the show too.

TechTV had some good programs but X-Play was definitly one of the standouts. Sessler and Webb were knowledgeable  about all things video game and did a good job with their reviews. I didn’t always agree with their opinions, but I always respected them.

The show changed over time. As TechTV went away and was replaced by G4, XPlay changed a bit too. The reviews stayed the same but comedy skits were added along with the reviews. For the most part, I didn’t enjoy the comedy. I always looked forward when Sessler and Webb were just talking about the games.

Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb also got to host some of G4’s E3 coverage. I always enjoyed how G4 covered E3. They did a better job of it than Spike. It was very clear that Adam and Morgan knew video games better than the Spike crew did.

Now TechTV and G4 are gone. X-Play seems to be a forgotten show along with the networks it was on. Adam Sessler, for a short time, had a show on the internet that I really enjoyed. I believe he is now consulting with video game companies. I’m not sure what happened to Morgan Webb. I miss both of them. I think gaming journalism is poorer for not having them or X-Play.

Did you ever watch X-Play? What did you think of the show and its hosts? Let us know in the comments!

Next week: E3 week!! It starts this Sunday with Microsoft and I will be doing my special E3 columns about each company (Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo) again this year. Keep an eye on’s twitter account @GamesReviewscom for more details about our E3 plans!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Can’t wait to see what Microsoft, Sony, and especially Nintendo announce at E3!


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