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More Thoughts From Me #23: Time to Explore!

Recently, I got Final Fantasy Explorers when it was on sale at Amazon. I had resisted the game for awhile because I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. But at $20, the game was too hard to resist anymore. Thankfully, I didn’t make a mistake getting the game. Here’s why I like Final Fantasy Explorers so much!


I’m a big fan of Final Fantasy. Well, I should say I’m a big fan of the older Final Fantasy with the turn-based battles and random encounters. And I absolutely loved the FFs that had a job system. We haven’t seen a Final Fantasy like that for awhile though. Square Enix has moved Final Fantasy away from all that now and I’m not as into the the Final Fantasy games as I use to be. Even so, occasionally, there’s still a bright spot among the Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy Explorers is, of course, a spinoff of the traditional Final Fantasy series. It doesn’t have a turn-based battle system nor random encounters. It does have an awesome job system though and a neat action battle system. I also like how you can recruit monsters to help you out in single player and journey out with other people in multiplayer. The game has online and local multiplayer. While I haven’t tried out the online yet, I have tried the local multiplayer and enjoyed it a lot.

Final Fantasy Explorers has a pretty big environments and smaller spaces too that you and a friend can explore or you and your monsters can explore in single player. There are a bunch of missions to take on in multiplayer or you can take on a mission or explore randomly in single player. There is so much to do in this game. I know some people find the missions and monsters a bit repetitive, but I think the job system and the battles keep things interesting (at least so far). Final Fantasy Explorers also has pretty good graphics and I love all of the references to past Final Fantasy games that are presented in the game. I’m having a blast with Explorers so far!

I think Explorers would be worth full price, but I’m happy that I got such a great game at such a low price. Final Fantasy Explorers is a ton of fun and I can see myself coming back to it even after I beat it just to explore its world some more. I’ve seen some people compare the game to Monster Hunter and act like it’s a poor man’s Monster Hunter. For me, Explorers is the game I wish Monster Hunter was. There is so much more to do in Final Fantasy Explorers than there is to do in Monster Hunter. I know that’s a controversial stand. Its my opinion and my opinion only as always. I just think Final Fantasy Explorers is the better game. Of course, being a fan of Final Fantasy, I am very biased.

Not everything Final Fantasy is great. I didn’t care for Final Fantasy 12. I wasn’t a big fan of Final Fantasy 13. I could careless about the online Final Fantasy games. But I love that Final Fantasy Explorers is a game that takes Final Fantasy in a different direction while also honoring the past. I hope Square Enix does another Final Fantasy Explorers in the future. I’d love to see the series continue!

What do you think of Final Fantasy Explorers? Bonus question: if you liked it, what is your favorite job in the game?

Next week: Boxboy!

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