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Things That Have Changed – Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Preview

When Marvelous and XSeed announced that Friends of Mineral Town was getting a remake on the Nintendo Switch, they promised a slew of changes would be coming to the classic formula – and for a game that is neraly full price, fans were expecting at least a few things to be different from the original, mostly via additional content as opposed to cutbacks. It seems as if the development team has provided us both. As per our preview guidelines, we can only post and talk to a certain point in Year 2, so there might be things missing form this list! Let’s dive in!


As opposed to attempting to write an entire article, I’ll simply use bullet points and update this article as necessary going forward. While it will still flow as a natural article and paragraph, I’ve managed to individually cite each change!

  1. The first thing I noticed when firing up Friends of Mineral Town was that you don’t receive a dog right at the beginning of the day. In fact, getting a pet is actually a bit more difficult. I say pet because that is how it is stated to you by the traveling salesman, Van, when he visits you (which can be triggered by gifting items to the Harvest Goddess for 30 days)! Van promises to sell pets on the 15th of each season, in the town square. So if you want a dog, visit him!
  2. There is no basket either, which is an additional change – instead, the development team has provided an even larger bag for all your goods, and allows you to stack items in stacks of 9, which really does negate the need for a 30 slot basket. The biggest bag will set you back the same amount as the basket, 5000G, and can be purchased at the General Store.
  3. Additional love interests have been added into the game. I won’t spoil who they are or where to find them, but both are characters escaping the city for the tranquil quiet of Mineral Town! Further to the additional love interests, players can now have same sex partners, and there are rumored to be additional relationship events, which we have not experienced yet.
  4. If you are uncertain about how to play a game like Friends of Mineral Town there is now the option to play an easy mode, which provides you 18 turnips already planted in your field, additional funds, the ability to create relationships easier, and of course, items will sell for more. There are a few others changes when you start up the game as well, including different skin colours and outfits. Yes, outfits can be changed during the game!

There are additional changes, and I will highlight those as I find them! Are you excited for Friends of Mineral Town? 


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