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The Most Charming Indie Games

AAA projects usually offer realism and impressive scale, while indie games are about unique arts and warm feelings. IndieGames.Download has prepared a review of the most adorable indies that will return you to a childhood and awaken loads of pleasant nostalgic feelings.



This 2D action title is one of the best hardcore platform shooters so far. The fabulous brothers Cuphead and Mugman get into deadly trouble. They lose a game in the Devil’s Casino while opposing Devil himself.


Now they’re bound to give their souls to the eternal hellish slavery or fight them back in a row of extreme quests. You can help guys to beat 30 cowardly bosses and bring back the Devil’s contracts to break bonds of doom and be free again.


Such a sinister story is covered in beautiful handmade arts that send you back to American cartoons of the 1930s. The Moldenhauer family managed to create a game that deserves to be exhibited in a museum of modern digital art. It doesn’t look like a computer creation at all, but it’s incredibly well-played. IndieGames.Download recommends Cuphead for best indie artwork.


While Cuphead was developed by a small family studio, Undertale is a one-person piece of gaming art. Toby Fox spent 32 months to Kickstart the project, write the plot, create artworks, make them playable in GameMaker Studio, and compose the beautiful soundtrack.


The plot tells an adorable story of a human child who gets into the Underground, which is the world of monsters. You are free to kill them all, stay neutral, or make friends with everyone. Do whatever you want, and the life of the Underground will change depending on your decisions.


The entire play charms with the colorful representation of human psychological complications through issues of monsters. Similarly to real life, every character has unique personality traits and specific life circumstances. Undertale will make you face your deep thoughts and feelings. Maybe you will revisit some aspects of your life and even make it better. At IndieGames.Download we think that Undertale is one of those stories that change the world.

Baba Is You

This hypercute puzzle tells a story of a little pixel-art Baba, the ewe, that has to solve over 200 quests to progress through locations of an island. Besides the adorable protagonist, the game offers you to experience new bunches of new mini-mechanics on every level. It’s something that very few puzzles are able to present.


Baba is You offers you to manipulate tiles with words that work as rules. You have to place them in the correct order to activate specific actions to make Baba and other objects go where they belong. At some levels, you can’t change some of the rules as they are blocked and make you follow certain guidelines.

Pixel-art visuals in Baba is You are rather close to the retro-style of Undertale. Avri Teikari applied animation to all objects on the screen, so they feel like alive, highlighting the flexibility of the environment. It’s a favorite puzzle game of IndieGames.Download authors.


Each of these games is incredibly charming due to a unique style of visuals, charismatic characters as well as to profoundly touching stories. Playing them is comparable to reading a good book or watching a quality movie that highlights essential moral problems, teaches you something new, and surprises with every next scene.

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Victoria Clark

Victoria is an avid fan of indie games. She always complaints that her PC runs short of disk space because Steam publishes to many indies per months.