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The iRoar Go

The iRoar Go takes almost everything that is great about the stand alone iRoar home system and puts it into a smaller package for easy portability. Whether outside in my back yard, or on a road trip, the iRoar Go is a fantastic addition to the Creative lineup of audio devices, and a must own for those on the go!


We have mentioned this many times in the past, but the Bluetooth speaker marketplace is saturated, generally with crappy devices that aren’t worth the price of the plastic that contains their mediocre sound equipment. Creative, however, is different, with a long history of creating audio devices for all situations.


The iRoar Go is a bit larger than your average portable speaker, but the sleek design still means it easily fits inside a backpack, or even a large purse. Again, the device is heavier than your average speaker, but the quality of the build is the reason for the hefty weight. Despite all these factors, I wouldn’t argue that the device is WAY bigger than the average unit, but rather only slightly larger.


The design of the iRoar Go is similar to the standalone unit, but with a few less speakers, pumping out a slightly softer sound; compared to the average unit, however, the iRoar Go still kills the competition.

Best Features

Having a water resistant unit is very important to my young family. As we spend considerable amounts of time at the beach, at splash pads, and around the pool, having a water resistant speaker is incredibly important. I’m thankful that this unit exists, because the sound carries much further than the average unit, which is great when running around at the local park, or in my parents extremely large backyard.


A great sounding unit that’s portable is only as good as its battery, and thankfully, the iRoar Go boasts one of the longest lasting batteries on the market. This is incredibly important if you plan to blare some music at a party that night last all afternoon and evening. With a 12 hour battery life, I’m not sure anyone needs to worry.

Quality sound, quality battery, quality experience.

One of the cooler features of the iRoar Go is the ability to hook it up to your Playstation 4 via USB and use the speaker as your sound system. This is outstanding for my current home. I have my main two systems – Xbox One and Nintendo Switch – hooked up to my main TV using the Creative Katana system. My PS4 is in my office, and is currently outputting audio via the TV only.

With the iRoar Go, I can now have quality audio in my office at all times, meaning I won’t rely on TV audio when playing fantastic games like Horizon Zero Dawn, and soon, the new Spiderman game!

Audio Experience

The iRoar Go features 5 audio drivers, and a bi-amplified system, one for woofer and one for stereo. The sound comes from all side except the back, which creates a solid audio experience no matter where you are standing, should the speaker sit on an outside wall.


The wide design of the unit helps with the sound distribution as well, and overall the highs and mids sound great. The bass, however, leaves much to be desired in certain situations.

Let’s face it, even the iRoar itself wasn’t great on the bass, hence the sub woofer attachment (iRoar Rock) which definitely amplified the sound. That being said, the iRoar Go is STILL better than the average unit, and even performs better than units at a much higher price range.



Creative has done it again. They’ve managed to create a device that out performs the price they are charging for the unit. For on the go audio enjoyment, this is definitely a system we highly recommend. It might not be the flashiest of devices, but it does perform. At the end of the day, I’d rather take a solid audio experience over a sexy looking unit!


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