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The Health Benefits of Bingo

Yes, you read that right. Bingo might actually be good for you, especially as you’re getting older. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get stuck in, this might be it.


People get so hung up about the gambling side of these sorts of games, they forget there are some benefits too. And we’re not just talking about the chance of winning big – not quite a benefit if it’s nowhere near universal. We’re talking about actual health benefits that almost everybody who plays will be able to take advantage of.

Bingo takes concentration, a good short-term memory and promotes socialisation. And while some of that might not apply online, it’s still a good result for something that most just see as a bit of fun.

Concentration and Bingo

So you’ve got started in the world of bingo. You’ve given yourself a limit, you’ve found yourself a promo code like those for Bingo online, and you’ve started to really enjoy it. But what you didn’t notice was that you were getting a mental workout into the bargain.

Now, granted, nobody is every going to say bingo is a “sport” that’ll change your life physically. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s still taking effort on your part. Things like training your listening skills, your reactions, your ability to concentrate. None of these should be taken for granted.

That’s especially true when you consider bingo’s older fans, many of whom have been playing for decades. For some of them, bingo is amongst their more mentally testing activities. They might be able to get that same brain training with something like a game of chess or 20 minutes with a sudoku puzzle. Those are different games though, and sometimes people just want to enjoy their free time.

Bingo players scored better in tests of memory, speed and cognitive function than those who didn’t play the game, the University of Southampton found. And that’s regardless of age.

A Social Life

This one doesn’t necessarily translate to the hugely popular online version of the game, but it’s true for the bingo halls that are still pulling in players around the world.


One of the biggest problems facing the elderly is loneliness. Bingo is a good solution for that.

The ability to get out and about on specific nights of the week, meet up with friends new and old, and enjoy yourself with a bit of fun cannot be underestimated.

And that’s not just helping your brain either. Socialization can reduce stress and stave off depression, which both have very physical symptoms.

Doctors have proven that those who keep mentally active and lead a good social life have a slower decline mentally and physically than those that don’t.

Bingo provides an easy outlet. The most vulnerable in our society can really benefit from it. As the online game continue to grow, many others will benefit too.

The health benefits of bingo will become clearer over the coming few decades, for as long as the game holds its fans.


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