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More Switch Cases coming from PDP

Earlier this year, when we unboxed and reviewed our Nintendo Switch, we also looked at a pile of accessories from Performance Design Products. One of our favourite items – outside the Elite Player Backpack which is phenomenal! – was the Nintendo Switch carrying case, which at the time was themed in multiple ways: The Legend of Zelda, generic Mario, and a charcoal gray, classy looking case. PDP is adding another theme to their lineup of cases: Mario Kart!

For the low price of 19.99 USD, Mario Kart fans around the globe can not tote their Nintendo Switch – and copies of all their favorite Nintendo Switch titles – in the new Mario Kart designed case. At a quick glance, this case looks incredibly busy, but when you take the time to look at what is used to design the case, it is actually really impressive!

By using pictures that look like bumper stickers – or perhaps patches – PDP has created a very unique Mario Kart design on this case, complete with interstate signs, and logos for fictional companies like Bowsers Oil and Fuzzy Batteries. This case, unlike many of the others which have a very basic design, is simply a joy to look at, let alone to actually own.

I have multiple PDP cases to my name already, and with only 2 Switch units in my home, I don’t need 3 or 4 cases. That being said, I do need this one. And I’m going to get it too, as soon as I can find it at my local retailer. Be sure to head over to PDP’s website and grab your own, or check your favorite video game retailer for stock!


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