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More Super Mario Odyssey Being Shown Off At E3

As I write this, Nintendo is showing off more footage of Super Mario Odyssey. The game looks amazing. I will talk about what was shown via the Nintendo video spotlight and the footage that is being shown now via Treehouse Live.

Super Mario Odyssey is being shown off a lot today. We got a trailer about it during the Spotlight and right now Nintendo is showing the game off more.

The most surprising thing that has been shown so far? Mario can possess objects and people/enemies. Mario can even turn into electricity. This new ability is going to add a lot to the gameplay!

Mario is still a platformer and we are seeing a lot of jumping during Treehouse Live and in the video. The game is all about exploring and fun.

Breaking: for the first time EVER in the main Mario series, you can use coins to buy things!!  Like a poncho!!!

Ya, I’m super excited for this game.

Are you excited for Super Mario Odyssey? I know I am. You’ll see even more coverage of this game here at, so please stay tuned!


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