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Still the Year of Luigi For Me: A Look At the Pixel Pal Luigi

I metioned that PDP recently sent me some stuff in the mail recently. One of the things that they sent me was a Pixel Pal Luigi. Let’s take a look at it!


Pixel Pal is a collectable item and looks really excellent on any gamers shelf.

The Pixel Pal that I got was:

8-Bit Luigi – #10 – Nintendo – Collector’s Edition

Its still the year of Luigi! I had to have this figure. Luigi just doesn’t get enough love. Nintendo didn’t make an 8-bit Luigi amiibo but you can get an 8-bit Pixel Pal of Luigi and you should.

This isn’t an amiibo though. You can’t scan it on your Switch. However you can push a button on the box and the figure will light up! It will stop being lit up when you let go of the button.

Its recommended that you leave Luigi in his box after putting batteries in him. You’ll need a couple of AAA batteries. My Luigi came with batteries but yours won’t so don’t forget to get some!

The Pixel Pal Luigi costs $14.99. I love it. I want more of these.

Rating: Highly Recommended!


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