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More Thoughts From Me E3 2017 Edition: Spidey Swings In

I was going to write about Sony’s conference overall tonight but I decided that I couldn’t fairly give you an opinion on everything. My live stream feed tonight for the PlayStation conference was very laggy. And because of that, I missed some of the conference tonight. Please check Adam Roffel’s articles on Sony tomorrow. So instead, I will give you my impassions on my favorite game tonight: Spider-man!

Last E3 we only saw a CGI trailer for the Spider-man PS4 game. This year though, we got a look at actual gameplay! How did the game look?

Spider-man for the PlayStation 4 looks Amazing. I’m not sorry for using that word at all. This game looks like it’ll truly live up to that heading. Graphics wise, Insomniac has created a game that looks like a Marvel movie. As impressive as the graphics looked, it was the gameplay that completely floored me.

The fighting in Spider-man was fast and furious. Spidey moved the way you’d think he’d move. The webbing moves were especially pretty cool. It was also nice to see two Spidey villains make an appearance: the Kingpin and Mister Negative.

I was surprised to see Mister Negative in this game. He is a newer villain than the ones we usually see in Spidey games. I think its a good idea though. Its nice to see a Spider-man game do things we haven’t seen before.

Speaking of which, Miles Morales shows up at the end!!! That was a cool surprise. Were any of you expecting that?

Overall, the Spidey trailer wowed me and made me wish I had a PlayStation 4. sigh. I wish this game was coming to other systems too.

What did you think of the Spider-man trailer? What did you think of Sony’s presentation?


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