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Sony Goes All In with New IP

Sony brought back some Playstation favorites to the delight of the E3 crowd last night, but those announcements shouldn’t overshadow the new IP Sony also launched out, including the fairly promising looking Detroit: Become Human. Although it was originally announced at E3 2016, a lot more was shown up this show, including a game play trailer. We think the game looks incredibly promising!

First, I live near Detroit, Michigan, so it’s really cool to see a game based on the city. Second, the premise of this title is pretty nifty – it is a futuristic world where android creations exist, programed to be mindless drones. Our protagonist wants to change all that, freeing these androids from their comatose state prisons and launching a full attack on their creators. It’s a premise that definitely could work, but also could be delivered terribly. We really hope its the former.

There was also a host of other exclusive titles announced for the Playstation 4, including Moss, and a game they had (again) shown off before, Days Gone.

Days Gone was not something I was particualrily looking forward to, but after watching the gameplay trailer at E3 2017, that all changed. THERE IS A FRICKEN ZOMBIE BEAR PEOPLE! Ya, a zombie bear, and the way the protagonist interacts with the environment to set traps is phenomenal. It’s not something we haven’t seen before, but it might be something Sony can perfect, creating the ideal zombie game for 2017-2018!

There is a lot more to come from Sony at E3 so stayed tuned to!


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