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Rival 300 Mouse Review

For most people, a mouse is a mouse is a mouse. Whether you are using a fancy mouse with tons of bells and whistles, or just a cheap wireless mouse, most people don’t understand the difference. Then there is that small segment of society that actually does care what features their mouse has, how many clicks it can withstand, and other seemingly uninteresting questions like that.


We are those people, and today we are reviewing the Rival 300 mouse from Steel Series!

The Rival 300 Mouse is plain to the eyes, which frankly is great. It’s ergonomic, it gets the job done, and does so without flashy nobs and too many buttons. While some people will lament the fact that there are so few buttons on the mouse itself, for a casual gamer such as myself, this is a great addition to my hardware library.

Tracking is always my top priority when choosing a mouse, and the Rival 300 tracks like no mouse I have ever used before. And don’t forget, we are not talking about a $150+ mouse here – we are simply looking at a sub $100 product that performs far above it’s price point.


On top of great tracking, the quality of the mouse is also something to be admired and spoken too. While so many mice – even expensive ones – have terrible button quality, the feedback on clicks with the Steel Series Rival 300 is fantastic. My only issue – minor issue – was that the face buttons did not feel as responsive as the side buttons.

My issue is more with my own grip than the mouse itself, but when using it outside gaming, I often would click the side buttons when browsing the web, causing me to jump back the previous page. It’s a minor nuisance, but if you plan to use this mouse more for regular internet use, you might want to pick a different option, especially if you choose a finger grip over a palm grip.


Overall, the Rival 300 mouse is a great addition to anyone’s gaming setup, and the perfect option between the cheaper and less impressive Rival 100 and the more expensive, yet to be released Rival 700!


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