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Pikmin 4 Demo Impressions

Pikmin 4 is coming out on the Nintendo Switch next month. Yesterday, Nintendo released a demo for it and we checked it out. How is the Pikmin 4 demo?


Pikmin 4 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 21st, 2023. A demo was released for the game yesterday.

I recently I played and liked Pikmin 2 for the Switch a lot. And so I was pretty hyped for the Pikmin 4 demo…

The demo starts out with Captain Olimar from previous games and then goes to a brand new character that you create. I won’t give anymore story spoilers than that, but I will say that the story here is much more interesting than Pikmin 2 and the dialogue is really good too. Of course, just like Pikmin 2, the gameplay is where most of the fun is at.

Pikmin 4 is a ton of fun. The controls are very easy to learn and just like in Pikmin 2, sending out the Pikmin to grab stuff and help you out is really neat. Though, this time you also have a space dog that helps you out too. He’s adorable and definitely my favorite character of the game! Switching between the dog and the Pikmin is so easy and I love that you and Pikmin can ride on top of the dog. This game is just so good. It also looks better than any Pikmin game so far.


Pikmin 4’s graphics are stunning. All of the environments are excellent and the character’s look great too. I love how my customized character looks and the Pikmin are pretty neat too. The space dog is the best though.

Overall, the Pikmin 4 demo is great. This is going to be a really wonderful game. Best of all: it comes out next month! The wait for this isn’t long and its sure to be an addictive game.

Are you looking forward to Pikmin 4? Have you checked out the demo yet?


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