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Nintendo Direct Mini and Nintendo Treehouse Plays (Video)

Nintendo had a Direct Minit today focusing on third party games, plus they also released a Treehouse video where they played Live A Live! Check out the videos below.

I thought the Nintendo Direct Mini was pretty good. I was especially happy that Dragon Quest Treasures was shown and given a launch date. That game looks really good. I’m also happy that the Persona games are finally coming to Nintendo Switch. Persona 5 was given a release date for October and the other Persona games were “coming soon”. Exciting! Other game highlights were Sonic Frontiers, Square Enix’s new life sim Harvestella, and of course Mario and Rabbids! There will be ahowcase showing off that game more tomorrow.

Also a demo of Live A Live is coming out later. If thats not enough for you, check out this Treehouse Plays video:

What do you think of Live A Live?

My first impressions of the Live A Live demo will, hopefully, be up tomorrow! Stay tuned to


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