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Nintendo Announces E3 2021 Plans

Nintendo of America announced their E3 plans today! Let’s take a look and talk about it some.


Nintendo will have an E3 Direct on June 15th at 11:00am central time. Following that they will have a Nintendo Treehouse Live. The Direct will be about 40 minutes long, focused on games ” mostly releasing in 2021″. and the Treehouse will last for about three hours!


40 minutes for a Nintendo Direct is pretty long. You have to especially consider how Nintendo loves to pack a lot of games into their Directs. Gone are the days of wacky skits to fill in time. Now Nintendo goes fast and furious with the announcements!

And then three hours on Treehouse Live! Its a shorter amount then we usually get. Previously years Nintendo would have Treehouse for three DAYS. But this time Nintendo is waiting till the last day of E3 (!!) to do their thing. I know they usually do go on Tuesdays but…I am shocked. I thought we’d see them going slightly before E3 or on the first day. Hmmm.

So this year for Nintendo Direct and Treehouse will be different but with 40 minutes of games I would say that Nintendo has a lot of stuff to show. I think its going to be really exciting.

Though I admit…I wish we didn’t have to wait till the 15th. sigh. Oh well. It’ll be worth the wait.

What do you think about the Nintendo Direct/Treehouse announcement? Are you excited? What do you think Nintendo will show?


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