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More Thoughts From Me: Crazy Nintendo Direct Predictions 2024

Its almost time for a Nintendo Direct! This one may very well be the last one that focuses on Nintendo Switch completely. We probably shouldn’t expect much from it but then again…let’s go crazy! Here are my top five crazy Nintendo Direct 2024 predictions.


The June Nintendo Direct is almost here. A lot of think that the upcoming Direct will mostly be ports/remakes from Nintendo and third party games! But what if…we’re wrong?! Here are my top 5 crazy Nintendo Direct predictions….

5. Super Mario Odyssey 2: Its crazy that we haven’t seen a sequel to Super Mario Odyssey. It was such an amazing game! And yes, the Switch 2 is almost here. So you’d think they would wait for the next system to do a sequel. What if they don’t though? What if the last big game for the Switch is a sequel to Super Maro Odessey. Hey, we can dream!

4. Kingdom Hearts Side Game: Yes, Kingdom Hearts 4 is in the works but…we’ll be waiting forever for that game. Square Enix has a tradition of doing smaller Kingdom Hearts games before the new one. Usually these games have appeared on Nintendo portable systems. And the closest thing is the Switch. So maybe? I still think this might be crazy even though it appears reasonable.

3. Tomodachi Life 2: We haven’t heard anything about Tomodachi Life since the 3DS. I’m not sure if it even sold well or not. It seems unlikely we’ll see a sequel to it but since we don’t seem to have anything Animal Crossing coming our way for awhile, it might be a great time to see Tomoadachi Life return. Besides, the Miis haven’t had much to do on the Switch!

2. Star Fox: After Star Fox Zero didn’t do to well, it seems unlikely we’ll see Star Fox for a little bit. Of course they could bring Star Fox Zero to the Switch but does anyone want that? It would like bringing The Other M. A brand new Star Fox is what I’m predicting here and this seems extremely unlikely now.

1. Earthbound: This one will never ever happen. I have to suggest it though. A new Earthbound title would be wonderful on the Switch. Whether its a remake of the first game or Mother 3 or just a totally new story, now would be the perfect time for Earthbound to make a return.

And you’re probably thinking none of that seems too unreasonable. Well, maybe a new Earthbound. But as we get to the end of the Switch, all of that seems extremely unlikely. I don’t think any of that will happen. You’ll notice that I didn’t mention Metroid Prime 4 though. Hmm. We’ll you never know.

What crazy Nintendo Direct predictions do you have?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Numbers 6-10: Donkey Kong vs Wario, new Kid Icarus, Ever Oasis 2, Luigi’s Typing Adventure, and F-Zero.


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