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More Thoughts From Me #273: Crazy Sony E3 Predictions

E3 is right around the corner now! In fact…its next week! And my craZy E3 predictions continue. This week I talk about what we should expect from Sony…


Sony isn’t taking part in E3. So I predict NOTHING.

The end

Whew. Easy column to write…


Okay. Okay. Here are some really CraZy predictions for Sony:

There will be a surprise E3 State of Play. Sony will announce it sometime next week. It’ll be on Friday. They will start off this State of Play with the reveal of that Silent Hill game thats been rumored forever. PS5 exclusive. Its a Sony studio developing it. Konami is just the overseer.

Then we’ll get a reveal for Insomniac’s next game: Spider-man: Tales from the Spider-verse. It’ll feature four smaller games: one with Peter, one with Miles, one with Spider-Gwen, and one with Spider-Ham. Its a smaller release off of the Miles Morales engine. It might even just be DLC for Miles Morales.

Then we’ll see a couple of new IP games. One of them will be brain melting.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be shown again. C’mon Sony wouldn’t miss this chance.

We’ll see Final Fantasy 16 again and get confirmation that its coming out later this year. Thats crazy right? Well it is!
And a bunch of other games will be shown. The next God of War won’t be one of them!

This isn’t going to be as craZy as the Nintendo Direct or what Microsoft is up to but it’ll be a nice surprise cause everyone thinks that Sony won’t be there. They will be there. It’ll be awesome.

What about Microsoft though? And third parties like Square Enix?

Well I’ll talk about them next week before E3.

Next week: Microsoft, third parties, and hype oh my!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Do I actually believe that there will be a Sony E3 State of Play?


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