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Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Preview

Luigi’s Mansion 2 was originally on the Nintendo 3DS. Later this month, it comes to the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to Nintendo Canada we got an early look at the HD port.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD comes to the Nintendo Switch on June 27th, 2024. We got an early look at the game thanks to Nintendo Canada.

Originally, Luigi’s Mansion 2 appeared on the 3DS. In this game, Luigi is recruited to go capture ghosts. The gameplay in is mission based, so you’ll complete a mission and then the game will save as you go back to headquarters. This game feels very much like a portable game, which it was on the 3DS. It still works really well in portable mode on the Switch and looks great too.

The game also controls well on the Nintendo Switch. It has motion controls like the 3DS, though you can turn that off if you want. The game plays a lot like it did on the 3DS.


While Luigi’s Mansion 2 isn’t as open world as the third game, its still a really fun game. Most of all, its always funny seeing how scared Luigi is about going up against ghosts. With your help, Luigi will once again brave ghosts and other critters to save the day! It should be noted that, so far, we have seen some minor differences between the 3DS and Switch versions.

Some ghosts and other challenges are a little different from what they were on the 3DS. We think this might make this version worth playing even if you played the previous version, but we’ll let you know when we review the game!

Stay tuned for our full review of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD later this month.


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