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June 2016 Loot Crate Review – Dystopia

Loot Crate for June 2016 Dystopia arrived this week and I must say I’m pretty happy with almost all the items that came in this months box. With the exception of one item that I won’t ever use, this box was full of great collectibles and useful gifts. Read on past the unboxing video for photos of each item and a brief review! Ignore the odd editing issue in the first 4 seconds…please?!


Loot Pin June 2016

The Loot Pin in this box looks amazing. This rocket / missile pin will look great no matter where you use it. If you go to the Pins section of the Loot Crate page, you will be able to redeem your pin to unlock special wallpaper and ringtons from the mobile title Fallout Shelter. If you’ve never played Fallout Shelter, go grab that as well. It is a fantastic game on mobile that keeps you in the Fallout universe even when away from your console. Again, I must reiterate that I love that Loot Crate includes quality pins in their boxes, and not those cheap things. Good on you Loot Crate, keep it up!


Bioshock Infinite Key

I love when Loot Crate includes quality items that can actually serve a real purpose in my everyday life. Sure, I love collecting Pop figures and the Dorbz figures (see below), but getting something that I can actually use each and every day is always nice. The Bioshock Infinite key that came in June’s box is fantastic, and I can actually take it to any local hardware store and get it keyed for my house, my car, or whatever else. Loot Crate, if you are reading this…please include keys a few times a year. I know they aren’t useful for everyone, but if I could unlock my house with a sweet Legend of Zelda key, or a 1 UP mushroom key, that would be amazing. Let’s make it happen!


Fallout Dorbz Figure

I’m a huge fan of Fallout 4 and have been clocking a lot of time with the game ever since Bethesda sent over our review copy a few weeks ahead of launch. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of Fallout 4 merchandise – outside of my Steel Series equipment – so to get a Dorbz figure in this months box was awesome, and if you watched our video, it has been nominated as one of the Top 5 Items from June. That video will go live later next week. I like Dorbz way more than Pop Figures, but regardless of what type of figure it was, Fallout merchandise is always a big hit in the Roffel home.


Matrix 300 Piece Puzzle

If you watch the video you will see that I’m not a huge fan of puzzles; however, my wife is, and although I would say this was my second least favorite item in this months Crate, at least someone in my house will get something out of this item.


Robocop tShirt

I really enjoy the quality of the Loot Crate tshirts as they are unrivaled in the subscription box service. Although I wouldn’t call myself a huge Robocop fan, this tshirt is outstanding. The graphic on the front is very detailed and tasteful, and I wouldn’t ever think twice about putting this on in the morning. Outside of the Dorbz figure, this is easily one of the best items in this months box. Even for people who aren’t Robocop fans – myself included – the tshirt is still interesting enough to wear!



There was one other item in this months box that I did not take a picture of, and that was for two reasons. One, I really disliked the item. Please understand that my dislike for the item has nothing to do with Loot Crate or how they choose their items. I’ve seen many unboxing videos from fans around the globe who LOVE the Terminator 2 steel artwork. I’m just not one of them. The second reason for not taking a picture was that my camera died. Had it been a different item, I would call that unfortunate timing. For this item, I’m ok with it.

That being said, the June Loot Crate is a wonderful box, and is one of the best boxes I have yet received from the Loot Crate company (Loot Crate, Loot Gaming included here). With the exception of the steel artwork, the items were all above par for me. If you bought this box, I think you will get tremendous value from it. The June 2016 Loot Crate – Dystopia, gets a wonderful 8.5/10 from us!







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