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Hypercharge Unboxed Impressions

Hypercharge Unboxed on Xbox isn’t just a trip down memory lane; it’s a fully-fledged shooter with surprising strategic depth lurking beneath its colorful exterior. Here’s a closer look at what makes this game tick:

Hypercharge throws a whole toy box full of weapons your way. You’ll find classics like Nerf blasters and cap guns alongside more outlandish fare like marshmallow launchers and splatter paint cannons. Each weapon feels distinct, with satisfying feedback that makes every virtual “pew pew” a joy. The game also throws in upgradeable turrets and deployable defenses, adding a tower defense twist to the core shooting.

Remember spending hours customizing your action figures with mismatched accessories? Hypercharge captures that spirit perfectly. You unlock a ridiculous amount of cosmetic options, from heads and skins for your action figure to weapon camos and even different poses for victory celebrations. It’s a great way to personalize your miniature hero and stand out from the plastic crowd.

Hypercharge isn’t just about mindless shooting. Levels are littered with resources to collect. These can be used to build defensive turrets, repair damaged structures, or activate powerful power-ups. This adds a layer of strategy, forcing you to make quick decisions about how to allocate your resources during the heat of battle.

The four-player co-op campaign is a fantastic way to relive those childhood adventures with friends. Working together to strategize defenses, revive fallen comrades, and unleash devastating team attacks is a blast. Local split-screen adds to the charm, making it perfect for couch co-op sessions.

Don’t have a full squad? Hypercharge’s online multiplayer is where the game truly comes alive. Different objective-based modes, like “King of the Hill” played on a giant game board, add variety to the experience. The online community is surprisingly friendly, fostering a sense of camaraderie amidst the plastic carnage.


Hypercharge’s visuals are undeniably charming. The cartoony art style perfectly captures the essence of childhood toys. However, the graphics can feel a bit dated at times, especially on the Xbox Series X. The frame rate can also dip slightly during particularly chaotic online battles.

While the weapon variety is impressive, the enemy types start to feel repetitive after a while. The later stages could use a bit more enemy diversity to keep the challenge fresh.

Hypercharge Unboxed on Xbox is a love letter to childhood toys wrapped in a surprisingly deep and engaging shooter experience. The core gameplay loop is fun and addictive, the customization options are endless, and the co-op and online modes offer a variety of ways to blast your way through plastic pandemonium. While the visuals could be a bit sharper and enemy variety could be improved, Hypercharge delivers a healthy dose of explosive fun that’s sure to rekindle your inner child.



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