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How to Upgrade Your Farm and House – Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Preview

If you’ve played Story of Seasons in the past, you know that upgrading your farm and home is one of the key ways you’ll see ‘progression’ in the game. Thankfully, we have all the details on how to get that process started!


When you wake up on Spring Day 2, you’ll have a letter in your mailbox from Grotts’ Workshop. It reads as follows,

Come to Grotts’ Workshop to renovate your home or farm. Materials and furniture also available…ugh. Ain’t never been any good at this kinda thing. Basically, I’ve got stuff you might need seein’ as you just moved here an’ all. Drop on by some time. – Grotts’ Workshop

While most stores are found in Mineral Town, Grott’s Workshop is actually in the opposite direction, south of your farm. When you leave the farm via the southern exit, go right until you see a small cottage in the woods. Head inside any day except Saturday between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM to begin renovating your space!

You can purchase a wide variety of goods from the workshop, including lumber and material stone which are required for upgrading your house and farm. There also a number of item available, such as fruit trees, a nicer LCD TV, and more!

What will truly show your progression, however, are the farm and house upgrades. They are also quite pricey. For example, the Slightly Bigger House will not only cost you 3000G, but will also require 150 pieces of lumber and 50 material stone. And the prices only get more expensive from there!

Want to know what you are shooting for? The Crown Jewel of Friends of Mineral Town? That would be the Town Villa, which will set you back 10 million G, 999 lumber and 999 material stone. Get working!


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