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How to Get Animals – Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Preview

Outside of the farming, the other major way to earn money in Friends of Mineral Town is to invest in animals. There are a ton of different animals to get, including different types of cows, sheep, alpacas, a horse, bunnies, and a few different types of chickens. But how do you get these awesome animals? Read on below!


Animals can be purchase as soon as players have the available funds, although fodder to feed these animals can get expensive if you are not producing it yourself. Chicken and rabbit food, which cannot be produced, will also be really expensive, so be sure to fully understand the investment you are making. If you ask us, there are much better things to do with your money in the first Month of the game, aside from getting animals!

If you are looking to get some animals, it is pretty simple. Simply leave your farm at the North exit, and take the first right. Here you will find two local farmers, PoPoultry and Yodel Ranch. PoPoultry will cater to your birds and rabbits needs, while Yodel Ranch will be where you can purchase all other animals, such as cows, sheep, and alpacas.

But what about horses you say? You are actually gifted a horse on Spring Day 5 by Mugi. Horses, unlike other animals, do not require daily feeding, although you can always surprise them with some animal treats. Your horse will be young, and you won’t be able to ride it just yet, but after 90 in game days, you will have a full grown horse, which will be important if you want to enter horse races!

You will eventually get a letter from Saibara – it was on Spring Day 6 for me, one day after obtaining my horse – that new items are available at his forge. In his letter, he will tell you, “Do you have cows? Perhaps horses, sheep or alpacas? How about a Bruch to give their coats the cleaning they truly deserve? If not, I highly recommend you come purchase one today!”

There are other items you can purchase as well, including a milker and a pair of clippers. Thankfully, the moment your animals begin producing sellable goods, you can easily deposit them in shipping bins located in both the barn and the coop! Before we end today’s article, we have one more tip for you:

When you visit the General Store after obtaining your Horse, Karen – a potential love interest – will ask you if you need any help. If you say yes, you will get a 1×1 piece of grass to plant on your farm!

Happy farming!


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