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Geek Fuel June 2016 Review

I was really looking forward to June 2016’s Geek Fuel box because it was promising items from Super Mario, Sherlock, Pokémon, and TMNT. While I would have really enjoyed a plush from either Pokémon or Super Mario, the items we did get were still really great; this month reiterated why Geek Fuel is one of my favorite boxes. While I know some comments online really went at Geek Fuel for the contents of this months box, I can’t say I felt the same way. Outside of the filler items, everything in June’s box was top notch. We will have a full review with pictures below the unboxing video, but rest assured that Geek Fuel June is wonderful!

As always, you can get your own Geek Fuel here. If your order 3 months or more, you will get an extra Star Wars item or Star Wars pack in your first box!

Geek Fuel ‘Filler’ Items


I think this months geek fuel got a little bit of flack online because of some of the cheaper ‘filler’ items that were included. However, I think if Geek Fuelers look at these items as extras, rather than a core part of the box, they might think much differently about the box. The Steam game this month was ‘packaged’ in a really great way, looking like a Gameboy cartridge. The game seems interesting enough, but I was disappointed that – unlike other months – there was no suggest value on the card anywhere, which makes me wonder if Geek Fuel is trying to pull a fast one on us! After a little bit of research, they are and they are not! Technically, the retail full price value of the game is 9.99, but it is currently part of the Steam Summer Sale for a mere 2.49. Did you know Geek Fuel? DID YOU KNOW!

Even if they did, it’s still alright with me because of how great the rest of the box was. The Charizard Tattoo – or Pikachu, depending on what you got in your box – and the Super Mario stamp were items that I could have done without. The kids will enjoy them I suppose!

Super Mario 1-Up Planting Pot


The Super Mario 1-Up Planting Pot is actually a pretty unique item. I was fully expecting to get a Super Mario plush this month, and while I think I would have enjoyed that more, I do feel like the pot is something you probably won’t get or find anywhere else, making it extra special. I really want to know, however, why Geek Fuel didn’t ship seeds with the pot; instead, they want you to fill out a mail in order from inside the Geek Fuel magazine. If for no other reason, it makes me feel like I’m reading Archie comics again and sending away for those tshirts and magazines! The pot is fairly high quality, and should be handled with care!

Turtle Trainer Stress Ball


The Turtle Trainer ball is one of the most interesting things I have seen from any subscription box. Who would have thought you could cross Pokémon and TMNT in any way, but somehow, Geek Fuel figured it out and gave us this stress ball. This item is being nominated for our Top 5 Items from June video that will come out later this month. The ball is cheaply made, and if you are someone who likes to ‘pick’ at things, I suggest just putting this on display. I think this item will look great next to all my other Pokémon and TMNT gear on my ‘nerd’ shelf in my office. Thanks Geek Fuel for creating such a unique item!

Sherlock Comic – Geek Fuel Exclusive


Although I’m not a huge comic fan, I cannot wait to crack open this A Study in Pink Sherlock Holmes comic book. I am a huge fan of the hit television show, and have loved the Sherlock stories since I was young. Even better, this issue is a Geek Fuel exclusive, which means this is the only way to get your hands on this one of a kind story. I really like when Geek Fuel includes books and comics in their boxes. They are great to throw on the coffee table for when guests come, just in case they are not familiar with how nerdy you are. Second, reading anything makes me feel just a bit smarter, so that has to be a positive!

Big League Pikachew tShirt


This is Geek Fuel’s second nomination for Top 5 Items for June video; this tShirt is absolutely phenomenal, and once again highlights the unique minds that craft these boxes. Although I personally would never have connected the loveable Pikachu and Big League Chew gum, but somebody did, and they create this amazing, one of a kind tShirt. The theming is great, the look of the shirt is great…but I only wish it was on a slate grey tshirt instead of this light grey. Personal preference aside, this shirt is definitely going to be a polarizing item this month. If you don’t give two craps about baseball and / or Pokémon, you might be incredibly disappointed. I only like 1 of the 2, but I still think this is the best tShirt I have ever received….like ever, not just in subscription boxes. Now if only my wife will let me wear it out of the house…


This is another fantastic box from Geek Fuel. While I would still give last months box a slight edge over thins months, I’m glad to get a bunch of unique items that I really would have never expected to receive. When I hear we are getting a Super Mario item, I figured it would be a plush. When I hear Pokémon, I  assume we are getting some kind of figure. Neither of those happened, and while initially I feel like I wish I got what I was expecting, the unique nature of the items we did get will probably grow on me quickly! Check back in a few months to see how much my venus fly trap has grown!


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