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Elephant at the Waterhole Playmobil Review

The Wiltopia lineup from Playmobil might be one of their bests. Now, I could be biased because I love animals and zoos so much, but this lineup of colourful, highly detailed toys is providing my youngest son hours upon hours of entertainment. Whether using them in the bath, playing with them in his sandbox, or just on the basement floor, few toys have crossed my desk for review that have stuck around as long as these Playmobil sets. One of the more impressive sets is the Elephant at the Waterhole. Not only does it include a few animals, but one of them is a massive African Elephant with a built in water feature – how cool is that!


This Playmobil set is instantly impressive because of the incredibly large and chunky African Elephant that is included with the set. Paired with the warthog and antelope, this is as et that can provide a lot of entertainment for multiple sets of hands. Two included characters, as well as two water features, make this one of the more impressive sets we’ve reviewed in the last little while.

We mentioned two water features in this set, and both are really cool. What is an elephant without the ability to squirt water from its trunk, right? This large elephant has a rubber-like bottom portion to its trunk which, when squeezed, will suck up water that you can put into the watering hole itself (which is slightly inlayed for this to be possible). The trunk can be squeezed again to squirt the water out. It’s minor, but again has made my youngest so happy!


The second play feature revolves around the two included scientists – well, I assume they are scientists or zoographers, because they have lots of scientific equipment like microscopes, test tubes, and pettry dishes. The are also two included water test slides which, when dipped into the water, produce an image on the slide. It’s also a minor water feature, but cool to see that implemented in this way.

The real prize here though is still the animals. All three are highly detailed, and while I might have liked a bit more articulation in the warthog specifically, my son never seemed to have a problem with it. Seems like an adult kind of problem. The additional foliage is nice to have in the collection, and I love that the watering hole itself can hold a decent amount of water. Unfortunately, as with all of these Playmobil toys that require or encourage water play, the majority of that water ends up on my floor!

Either way, this is an easy set to recommend. There are a lot of great little play features here, and when you pair this set with other African inspired Wiltopia sets, you get a great experience!



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