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Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood DLC

Just a few weeks ago, the Elder Scrolls Online got another great update, this time adding the Dark Brotherhood to the game. The cost of the DLC is 2000 Crowns. With this pack, players will get a lot of new places to explore and quests to complete. The question becomes, however: is the Dark Brotherhood DLC worth the money, and how much does it add to the ESO experience.

If you’ve played Elder Scrolls games in the past, you will have a decent familiarity with the Dark Brotherhood; if you have not, this one sentence should sum it up for you. As a member of the Dark Brotherhood, you will be tasked with completing numerous assassination missions. Sometimes you will understand why, other times you won’t, but your job remains the same – assassinate the target.

The new area to explore – Gold Coast – is actually really great, and provides once again a new environmental and city overlay you won’t find in other areas of the game. The other great reason for picking up this DLC is now you have the ability to experience a little piece of Cyrodil without worrying about PvP interactions.

A bunch of quests are added, as well as new bosses. Unfortunately, outside of the Dark Brotherhood quests, there wasn’t a whole lot else added to the new environment. Sure there is new loot and an extraordinary new item – not spoiled here – that might make the price of the DLC worth it all on its own.

The Dark Brotherhood essentially turns ESO into a stealth game, but without the restrictions you might have experienced in one of the previous DLC experience. Upgrading areas of your character that relate to stealth will give you a big leg up in this new DLC. After all, you are an assassin, right?

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One of the biggest changes to roll out alongside this DLC – via a free update – is the removal of Veteran Ranks, which are now being replaced by champion points. I’m in favor of this move as it makes playing past hte maximum level much more enjoyable, and you now feel you are actually getting something for the time you are putting in.

Overall, the changes brought to ESO through the free update, as well as the added content from the Dark Brotherhood DLC, make it a worthy DLC item to purchase. Although the pack might be a bit shallow on content, what you do get seems to be worth the investment. If you have no interest in the Dark Brotherhood quest line, then of course, pass. But if you are looking to add to your ESO experience, this is a fantastic way to do so!


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