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E3 2016 Preview: Word Logic by POWGI

The wonderful developers at Lightwood Games were at E3 this week. They asked me if I would be there too and I had to tell them that, unfortunately, I would not be there. They wanted me to play their upcoming games anyway. So they worked out a way for me to play a demo of Word Logic by POWGI and one other game they did! Please check out my preview of Word Logic by POWGI below.


Word Logic by POWGI is a game that is coming out from Lightwood Games in August. I had a chance to play a demo of Word Logic by POWGI this week. I won’t talk about how the controls for the game(s) work because the controls on the 3DS and Wii U will be very different from what I played. Instead, I’ll focus on the games presented in the demo of Word Logic.

The first word game I played in Word Logic was called Kriss Kross. Basically, Kriss Kross is a crossword puzzle game. You have to figure out what words belong in each row. At first you are just guessing/using logic to figure what word goes where. As you get more letters in the spaces, it becomes obvious which word will go in which rows. Kriss Kross is probably the easiest game in the demo. I really liked it though and its nice to see at least one easy game in this collection. I say this because most of the other games get pretty hard or are just hard period.

The next game I played was Gaps. In Gaps, you have to figure out what letter fills a gap in several words. The object is to create a new word at the top of the puzzle with the letters filling in as you solve other words. Gaps starts off pretty easy but gets harder as you go. I thought it was a fun game and I liked that the challenge increased as you went. The next game I played, I didn’t understand at first.

When I first played Ladders, I didn’t understand it. Eventually, I figured out what you were supposed to do in the game. Ladders is a game where you have to change the letters at the top or bottom of the “ladder” to create a word that’s either at the top or bottom of the ladder rung. Say you have Cop at the top of the ladder and Car at the bottom. You decide to turn Cop into Car. To do this, you’ll have to change two letters. I bet you can tell which ones right? Ladders starts off easy, but it does get a bit harder as you go. The next game I played starts off very hard.

Crypto (short for cryptogram) is a game where you are trying to solve a code. You are presented with a quote from a famous person. The problem is that the letters you are presented with don’t make actual words. The letters presented have to be changed into new letters. When you figure out one letter, that letter will appear other places in the code. The more letters you figure out, the easier time you’ll have figuring out the quotes. Can you break the code? It’ll take time and patience for sure! The final two puzzles presented in Word Logic, though, will take expert word and puzzle hounds to figure out.

I don’t understand the final two games in Word Logic. These games are Wordsweeper and Word Sudoku. I thought for a moment I might be starting to understand Wordsweeper and then figured out that I still had no clue. And since I’ve never played Sudoku, I didn’t know the rules of that game. I hope that Wordsweeper gets an easier puzzle or tutorial to explain its game. I also hope Word Sudoku gets a better explanation or tutorial for newbies like me. I loved most of the collection of games, but just didn’t get either of those games.

Word Logic by POWGI seems like it’ll be Lightwood Games hardest game yet. There’s nothing wrong with that though. Word games should present you with a challenge. It’s a good thing to challenge your mind! I think, based on this small preview, that Word Logic by POWGI might be for expert word fans only, but people surprise you. Everyone is different and looks at the world in a unique way. Perhaps someone out there will understand and love Wordsweeper and Word Sudoku as is! I don’t know. All I know is that I think this will be another excellent game from Lightwood Games.

Thank you to Lightwood Games for the preview of Word Logic by POWGI!

I hope to have a preview of their other game, Worcle Worlds, tomorrow!


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