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Dying Light Platinum Edition Released Ahead of Sequel

Dying Light Platinum feat

For anyone who has heard any of the hype surrounding Dying Light 2 but has not had a chance to enjoy the first title, you’re in luck! Now – the complete Dying Light Platinum edition is available, allowing you to experience the entirety of the first game before diving into its sequel later this year.

The Dying Light Platinum edition features the world-changing expansion The Following, the dark-fantasy quests of Hellraid, the tense survival of Bozak Horde, and so much more! A total of 4 gigantic DLC packs are included in this edition, along with a staggering 17 cosmetic bundles. There has never been a better time to enjoy the complete experience Dying Light than with the release of the platinum edition.

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Dying Light Platinum 1

Personally, I cannot wait for the release of Dying Light 2, and any excuse to hop back into one of the most celebrated zombie survival games ever made is good enough for me. Plus, it can daunting to look at a game you’ve always wanted to try and see how many DLCs there are and wondering which, if any, will be required to get the quintessential experience of that game. Bundles like the Dying Light Platinum edition are just an elegant solution to signal to new players that everything you need is right here – just grab and go!

For fans old and new – Dying Light Platinum is a great way to get well and truly prepared for the undoubtedly, brutally enjoyable game that will be Dying Light 2 when it releases this December. To all who venture forward – we wish you all a good night and good luck!


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