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Doomlings Expansions Overview and Thoughts

Doomlings was a game my family really enjoyed, and I’m so glad that the company sent over a copy of the game for us to play. Honestly, it is a game I’ve been looking at for a long time, and while I’m not opposed to purchasing games myself, we have so many come through the office that even if I do purchase games, they often sit in shrink for months. With a review opportunity, I HAD to play Doomlings, and I’m so glad I did!

Recently, we were sent over a number of the games expansions, including the collectible blind-pack expansion. Let’s take a quick look at all of these and share some thoughts! All of these games are available to us via the Upgrade Box which can be purchased on it’s own!

Dinolings – who doesn’t love dinosaurs? I know I do, and this was the first expansion we unwrapped and played with. The artwork on these cards is enough to make this expansion a win, but I guess a good gameplay hook wouldn’t be bad either, right? The dinolings expansion is all about the discard pile, letting you find cards from it, earn points for cards in it, etc. It’s a really great addition to the game that adds another layer of depth. Have a card that gives you points for all dominant traits in the discard pile? Better start discarding them, right!

blankMythlings – can I say, “who doesn’t love mythological creatures” twice in a row? Yes? Good, because honestly who doesn’t. Once again, fantastic artwork is a highlight of this release. Like with the Dinolings expansion, this focuses on one thing – making your opponents really, REALLY, angry. Yup, this is the set you want to play with if you like a bit of “take that” in your games. I personally don’t, so this was one of the expansions we liked the least. But if you do enjoy that kind of fun around the table, this is where you should start!

Techlings – I won’t say it again, promise. But what I will say is that the artwork, again, is phenomenal. It’s no wonder this game has become such a massive hit – it has such a good shelf/table presence! If you think about technology as something we use to make things better, then you might have an idea of what this expansion does. This is all about attaching cards to other cards to make them better, and we REALLY enjoyed adding this to our collection. This adds a lot of gameplay depth, and while I wouldn’t introduce this into my first few games, it’s one that can drastically change strategies around the table.

Mulicolour – this might be the most boring expansion of the lot in terms of what it does, but it might have the biggest impact in terms of scoring. These are just wild cards, with multiple trait colours represented on each card. These are an easy add to any game, but will change how things get scored in the end! Watch out for your neighbors cards!

Meaning of Life – this is the most interesting of the expansions because it adds something WILDLY different to the games regular structure. Personal objectives is the name of the game here, and fulfilling yours will provide you neat scoring opportunities. What I like about this expansion is that it gives new players (especially) something to work towards, as opposed to just laying cards and seeing what the heck might happen over the course of the game.

The last expansion we looked at was the Doomlings Overlush expansion which introduces collectable into this game. This really isn’t necessary, and I can see some people getting really upset about this idea. Personally, it doesn’t bother me too much. Each pack comes with new cards to mix into your game, as well as unique cards with cool looks. I’m not a huge fan personally of making a standard game collectible, but this seems somewhat minor and innocent to me, especially with so many boxed expansions available. If this was ALL Doomlings was in the future, sure, I’d have a bigger gripe with it. But as it stands now, this is pretty cool if collecting cards is your thing!

Overall, all of this stuff just makes Doomlings better. If you are playing your Doomlings game so much that your cards are starting to see some wear, it probably means you play enough to mix a ton of expansions into your game. Go check them out!


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