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Does PlayStation Skipping an E3 Presentation Matter?

It is no secret that many feel that the cockiness of Sony is catching up to them with the launch of the PS5. After absolutely dominating the console marketplace last generation – PS4 vastly outsold the Xbox One – and releasing mega hit after mega hit, some have felt that has gone to Sony’s head much like the success of the Xbox 360 went to Microsoft’s. Is it fair to say that Sony is living off the good will and sheer love of PlayStation fans? Probably. Does them skipping the E3 presentation circuit a sign of cockiness or simply a business decision? I’m going with the latter.


Microsoft has a lot to prove with their presentation this year, especially now that it includes Bethesda titles as well. They also have HALO to show off, and need to attract some hype for whatever titles might be launching within the next year. Microsoft needs this presentation, and they need it to hit home hard. Nintendo is doing Nintendo things, so of course they are going to show off their newest games and do a Treehouse Live presentation. It’s just pure Nintendo fun, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

So that leaves Sony, and their lack of a PlayStation presentation. Is it that they don’t have too much to show off? Could be. Is it that they just released a ton of information around Horizon Forbidden West? Probably. I think the lack of a Sony presentation is a combination of two things:

  1. PlayStation doesn’t have anything ready to show off right now, and therefore, why launch a presentation that might fall flat. With COVID and the current working situation, it’s likely a lot of Sony titles are delayed or not where companies hoped they would be. That definitely factors into not having things to show at this moment. Microsoft has had HALO in the works for years now, and has already shown it off in great detail. They have more to share as we move towards launch.
  2. It’s also likely that we see something more substantial from Sony later this fall. As their new releases get closer and closer, they will have more to share. And we also know that this is not the first time Sony has backed out of a major event presentation.

What do you think? Cockiness or business decision?


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