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DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Overview Trailer

A new DC Comics game is coming to the Nintendo Switch tomorrow and…its published by Nintendo?! Yep. DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power will be out tomorrow, June 4th. Check out the overview trailer below and then come back here for some thoughts on the game.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 4th, 2021. Thats tomorrow!

The game is being published by Nintendo. That is a huge surprise because we’ve never seen Nintendo publish a DC game before.

DC Super Hero Girls does seem to be a game for a younger audience, specifically younger girls. Although, there are some pretty interesting things to note about this game that might interest players of all ages!

For instance, looking at the overview trailer, I was very surprised that the game includes a simulation element. You can place new shops in town sort of Sim City or Happy Home Designer style. You also can buy clothes for your characters and interact with different characters about town.

The game also includes lots of fighting. I like its comic book style wording when you hit the enemies. The game is said to have some rpg elements too. So DC Super Hero Girls is just a simple 3D beat ’em up game, there seems to be a little more to it.

DC Super Hero Girls could very well be a hidden gem for the Nintendo Switch. There might be a lot of people who pass the game by tomorrow because its looks too much like a game for younger players only. If this was just a game from Warner Bros, then you could say “well, its probably not that good.” But Nintendo is publishing this so they must have seen something good in the game. I’m not saying Nintendo can’t publish a bad game, we know they can, however the likely hood of such a thing is pretty slim.

Will DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power be any good? That remains to be seen. What do you think of the game? Will you pick it up tomorrow?


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