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Clubhouse Games First Impressions

Clubhouse Games for the Nintendo Switch came out today! We received a review copy and wanted to provide our readers with first impressions of some of games included. How is Clubhouse Games so far?


Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics provides players with 51 games, plus a touchscreen piano! I just received our review code and haven’t played through all the games yet. The following is my first impressions of some of the games.

I am a huge fan of fishing in video games, so of course one of the first games I had to try out first in Clubhouse Games was the fishing game. And I’m very pleased with it so far. Its not as simplistic as Animal Crossing’s fishing game, though its not super complex either. You push A to cast and once something bites, you use the left analog stick to reel the fish in. It works really well. I can see playing this game a lot!

I also checked out some various games, like Connect 4, Billiards, and bowling. Connect 4 works great with the touch screen, Billiards is controlled by the analog stick, and bowling can either be controlled by the touch screen or via motion controls (Wii style). I tried the touch screen bowling and it seemed a bit too…touchy. Either I was moving the ball too fast or too slow. I have to try out the motion controls! I miss playing Wii Bowling.

Connect 4 was kind of fun and I wasn’t too great at Billiards but the controls seemed fine.


Next I played Golf. I liked it. Its not Mario Golf but its fun for a little golfing mini-game. It takes place in an overhead view and the controls are pretty simplistic and work well. I will play it more for sure.

Then I tried out darts and the Shooting Gallery. Once again, I tried both via portable mode. Darts use the touch screen in portable and it didn’t work great. Perhaps it works better with motion controls? And shooting gallery used analog and button controls in portable. It worked very well. I wonder how it works with motion controls?! I will check it out soon.


Lastly, I played 6-ball puzzle! Its a puzzle game where you have to match the same color balls. I love puzzle games like this. 6-ball puzzle is pretty fun. I will be revisiting this one a lot. lot. Hopefully you play it online against someone!

So far, I have been playing Clubhouse Games in handheld mode. I will be checking it out on the TV before my review. I have to see what the motion controls are like. I also haven’t checked out the online multiplayer yet!

As for the game’s interface, its simple but pretty neat. I like that you can either get a selection of games to play from “guides” or you just go off and play whatever you want. The tutorials for each game are fully voice acted. The dialogue for these seem very corny but its nice that an introduction to each game is included.

Clubhouse Games is a pretty cool collection of games so far. In my full review I’ll look at the game in handheld and TV modes, plus look at all forms of game controls and try out the online multiplayer!

We expect to have our full review of Clubhouse Games sometime next week. Please stay tuned to for the review!

A digital code was provided for this review. Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics is now available via the Nintendo Switch eshop and in retail.


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