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Celebrate Father’s Day with Nintendo

This Father’s Day, create lasting memories with dad by embarking on unforgettable adventures together on the Nintendo Switch family of systems! Whether he’s a seasoned gamer or rediscovering his love for play, Nintendo Switch offers a wide variety of titles for dads of all ages.

  • ¬†Unleash the Hero Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Dads can join Link on a brand-new adventure in the vast and mysterious land of Hyrule. Explore a world brimming with fantastical landscapes, solve challenging puzzles, and battle formidable foes in the epic sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.¬† This game brings a great sense of exploration, adventure and innovation. Tears of the Kingdom picks up after Breath of the Wild, with Link and Zelda exploring a corrupted Hyrule. They discover a mysterious substance and murals hinting at an ancient war. Deeper underground, they accidentally awaken a mummy, unleashing a new threat. The game expands on Breath of the Wild with floating islands to explore in the sky and new tools to aid Link’s adventure. Nintendo took everything that was great about Breath of the Wild and cranked it up a notch. Jumping into this one made me feel like when the switch first launched all over again. There really is nothing quite like what this series has become.




  • Relive Classic Fun Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door : Revisit a cherished classic with dad! Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the Nintendo Switch is a role-playing game (RPG) where you take control of Mario as he travels through a world made of paper. The evil X-Nauts are after the treasure hidden behind the Thousand-Year Door, and Princess Peach has tasked Mario with finding the Crystal Stars first. Along the way, Mario meets a cast of colorful characters who help him on his quest. The game features turn-based battles where Mario and his partners use timed button presses to execute stronger attacks. This remaster includes upgraded visuals, a newly arranged soundtrack, and an improved hint system to help you on your adventure. This is my all-time favorite Mario game, so this is a must have recommendation for any gamer dad this Father’s Day.



  • Experience Side-Scrolling Magic Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Team up with dad and explore the vibrant Flower Kingdom! In the whimsical side-scrolling platformer Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Mario and his friends are whisked away to the vibrant Flower Kingdom, under attack by the villainous Bowser. This time, Bowser has fused himself with the kingdom’s castle, transforming into a monstrous flying fortress! Players can choose from a variety of characters, including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and even Yoshi, as they navigate through captivating environments filled with classic platforming challenges and new wonder-filled mechanics. The magical Wonder Flowers add a twist to gameplay, triggering spectacular effects that warp pipes to life, send characters hurtling through space, or transform them into giant wrecking balls. With up to four-player co-op, players can team up with friends and family to explore the colorful world, defeat enemies, collect coins, and ultimately stop Bowser from taking over the Flower Kingdom. This is a great game to play with your family, so an easy recommend for get togethers.
  • Or Maybe Upgrade the Experience with Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Treat dad to a vibrant gaming experience with the Nintendo Switch OLED Model! This sleek system boasts a stunning OLED screen, a wide adjustable stand for tabletop mode, and improved dock with a wired LAN port. I upgraded not too long ago myself and it definitely makes playing on the switch much more enjoyable both on the go and at home.


Happy Fathers Day to all of you out there.


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