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Casino games with the highest RTP

All casino games are made fun, replayable, and rewarding by the element of randomness. Low odds are exciting because of their high rewards but some players prefer a safer gambling experience where hitting is more common. If you are such a player, then all you have to do is check the game’s return to player rate (RTP).


The RTP is the theoretical amount you are expected to gain over time. Given a casino game’s volatile nature, you can expect them to stay between 95% to 98%. If you want the games where you are most likely to win then here are ones with more than 98% RTPs.

Lightning Blackjack (Evolution) – 99.56%

The RTP live games frequently have are on the higher side of the rating but Lighting Blackjack from Evolution is one of the best games to play. It follows the same rules as traditional blackjack but with the exception that it includes the random number generator (RNG) to boost your winnings. All blackjack winnings are normally paid in 1:1 but this game gives you a multiplier of 2x and above. Your winnings are based on the total of your hand when you win.

Totals 2 to 17 are each given 2x prizes. 18, 19, 20, and 21 each get progressively higher multipliers than the last, but their value is random. Blackjack is separate from a hand of 21 and it has a higher multiplier. Only natural counts as a win with it.

Mega Joker (NetEnt) – 99%

Modern casinos, both online and offline, usually come with five-reel grids and primarily digital layouts. NetEnt’s MEGA Joker is a blast from the past with its form heavily inspired by retro slot machines. It has two of the classic three-reel grids so you can win twice per spin. There is also a lucrative progressive jackpot raising its potential payout with every bet players make. That means MEGA Joker becomes more rewarding the more players it has in the casino.

1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick) – 98.5%

While most slots try to be as exciting as possible, such themes can be a bit overwhelming to a few players. 1429 Uncharted Seas from Thunderkick is one of the most relaxing games you can try thanks to its exploration-based themes. It also comes with one of the highest RTP and low volatility for a more consistent hit rate. This slot game is available at many eCheck casinos , which offer a safe and secure payment method for Canadian players to make deposits and withdrawals. Play the game with any currency you like and expect high returns at the end of every session.

Bombay Club Baruto Baccarat (OneTouch) – 98%

Just like blackjack, baccarat is a live game with a high RTP rate. Given the game’s popularity, only a few game providers try to explore gimmicks so it’s better to just try games with simple side bets. Baruto Baccarat is one of the best iterations thanks to its simple set of options. Your main bet still includes banker, player, and tie. The additional options, banker pair and player pair, pay out based on whether that side of the table gets a natural pair. Payouts are high but the chances of winning are very likely, giving it one of the highest RTP live games any casino can have.


Chairman of Resorts World Sentosa and its developer, Malaysia’s Genting Group Lim Kok Thay (extreme R) plays baccarat to begin the soft opening of Singapore’s first casino at Resorts World Sentosa complex in Singapore on 14 February, 2010. Singapore opened its first casino 14 February, coinciding with the auspicious first day of the Chinese lunar year, as it bets on wealthy Asian gamblers to boost its economy. EPA/HOW HWEE YOUNG

How important is RTP in choosing a game?

The RTP is only for players who are looking for a new game to play but don’t know which one to pick yet. It shows you how likely you are to break at least even in several sessions. You are encouraged to play any game you like whether you feel drawn to its visual themes but knowing the RTP helps you choose quickly. If you are new to casino gambling, then you are encouraged to always check this part of the game before playing.


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