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Aventho Wireless from Beyerdynamic

A few months ago, the good people at Beyerdynamic sent us a box full of headsets, both those for casual listening and those for gaming . One of those sets within the box was the Aventho Wireless, an expensive but highly featured headset that provides quality Bluetooth audio from your device to your ears. While I wasn’t a fan of the tiny ear cups, the sound was superb. Let’s dive in.


The Build

The Aventho Wireless is one of Beyerdynamics more expensive headsets, and understandably so. The build quality of this device is top notch, and might be the most impressive Bluetooth headset I’ve ever used. Whether you choose to purchase the headset in black or brown, the German made product will blow you away. The band and ear cups are cushioned nicely with breathable leather like material, and the aluminum and metal base for the headset is sturdy but light.

When plastic is used on the device – which isn’t much at all – it’s high quality and looks fantastic. The Beyerdynamic emblem on the outside of the cups is subtle and classy. In fact, classy is what I would use to describe the entire headset, from the cups themselves, to the band that connects them.

Unfortunately, one design choice was very unfortunate, in my opinion. Beyerdynamic chose to go with a smaller ear cup, probably to keep that classy look and feel, but I found it too small and uncomfortable. Perhaps I’m just use to using gaming headsets with large cups, but the smaller cups on the Aventho Wireless was a deal breaker, which was unfortunate because the audio quality was so superb!

For those that can get past the small ear cups, you will be surprised and excited about a 30 hour internal battery which, when I used the device, only needed to be charged every two weeks or so! On top of that, the outside right ear cup is actually a touch screen for controlling your device. While I prefer inline remotes, on a Bluetooth system this is a great addition. Instead of large clunky – and often ugly – buttons, this is a perfect solution.

The Audio

This headset from Beyerdynamic utilizes Tesla technology in the ear cups which helps push fantastic audio to your ears. Check out this blurb from the companies website,

Legendary Tesla technology combined with high-end Bluetooth transmission guarantee you the best available sound performance – the very essence of beyerdynamic. From a powerful, precise bass to clear mids and silky-pleasant highs: the Aventho wireless convinces with its sound and great spaciousness.

With Bluetooth headphones, the biggest issue is how much audio quality is lost when transmitting from the device to your ears, but thankfully the company has solved that problem on the Aventho Wireless, which helps immensely when justifying the cost of the device. Here is a bit more on that,

To ensure the best sound with your wireless headphones, Aventho wireless uses the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol and the aptX™ HD Codec by Qualcomm®. For high-resolution sound and audiophile transmission quality.

And the quality in audio performance is evident the second you pop these onto your ears. I’ve used a ton of headsets from many companies, and when it comes to music capabilities, nothing comes close to replicating the audio that the Aventho Wireless provides. The highs and lows are always perfect, never muddled, and the mid tones are always perfect. Whether turned up to block out the sounds of the outside world, or put softer for listening while doing other activities, everything is crystal clear. For the price, you aren’t getting a better experience from similarly priced headsets.


The other great feature of the Aventho Wireless is the inclusion of the MIY App which can be downloaded from the App Store on iOS, and via the Google Play store on Android. The app allows listeners to tailor their audio experience to their preferences, upping the base or treble, or a host of other audio altering options.


The Aventho Wireless is an expensive, yet fantastic device. While the small ear cups ultimately proved to be a deal breaker for me, everything else about the headset is top notch. For those looking for a fantastic audio experience, don’t look further than this device. For the audiophile in your life, the Aventho Wireless is the way to go!


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