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Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol Releasing On Nintendo Switch in June

Zombies At My Neighbors is coming to the Nintendo Switch! This Lucasfilm classic game will be released in June with its sequel Ghoul Patrol. Check out the trailer below and then come back for some thoughts on the games.

Disney Interactive is bringing two Lucasfilm classic games to the Switch on June 28th. The games are Zombies Ate My Neighbors and its sequel Ghoul Patrol. The two games will be in one download and feature save states (saving anywhere), local two-player, and some extras like behind the scenes.

I played Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the Super Nintendo (SNES). I love the game. For those who don’t know what it is and what the sequel is basically you play as a teenager (two teens on screen if playing co-op) who are trying to kill zombies. Its an overhead 16-bit action adventure game and its so much fun. You collect all kinds of cool weapons and the story/gameplay is pretty goofy. Its a tribute to B-horror movies in many ways.

I actually just rented it back in the SNES days and didn’t own it till much later. I still own the cart of it but can’t play it due to some bad controllers. So I’m excited its coming to the Nintendo Switch!

As for Ghoul Patrol…well…until I found out about this re-release I didn’t even know that Zombies Ate My Neighbors had a sequel. I don’t think I did unless I just forgot! I don’t think I’d forgot a thing like that. I know I never played it.

I have been wishing for awhile now that Zombies At My Neighbors would pop up on the Switch. Honestly I was hoping it would be part of the Switch Online Service. However, I must admit that its cool that these two games come together, with local multiplayer and extras! I hope the local multiplayer works via wifi so it can be playable portable in two-player mode. Too bad there’s no online multiplayer…

Are you looking forward to Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul Patrol on the Nintendo Switch?


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