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Wiltopia is the Best Playmobil Line – Wiltopia Animal Packs

Whenever we recieve a box of Playmobil to review, I would say it usually takes us 2-3 weeks to unbox the products, watch the kids play with them, and write up our impressions. Things get in the way of doing the reviews, and while my kids are always excited to open up new Playmobil, I need to be available to watch them play. When a box of Wiltopia products arrived yesterday, I didn’t even wait for the kids to get home. We cycle toys for our youngest, which means we put toys into storage and take out new toys on a relatively regular basis. With this box sitting on my kitchen counter, out went the Hot Wheels sets and bins and up from the basement came all the Wiltopia Playmobil toys we had amassed to date, some sent for review and some purchased for Christmas presents. While we have a ton of Wiltopia to look at this week and and next, we are beginning with the amazing animal packs! Let’s dive in!


Playmobil sent over a number of different animal packs, including the elephant, moose, kangaroo, tiger, and more. These animal packs do not include any Playmobil humans, but always a nice, chunky animal to play with and a number of accessories. The baby African Elephant, for example, include a tree branch and two pieces of grass that you can put into the elephants trunk. The kangaroo includes a little baby kangaroo that can be put inside the momma’s pouch – how cool is that! And the tiger includes a couple pieces of meat. All of the animal sets are fantastic, and some are obviously better than others, although your animal preference might determine which is your favourite! For Lincoln (5 years old), his favourites were the African Elephant, the alligator, and the kangaroo.

Here is a bit about these Wiltopia sets from Playmobil:

Using the enclosed collectible animal card with the Wiltopia app, kids can learn all about the animals and their habitats and even take a selfie with them by projecting the animals right into their home via AR. With Wiltopia – PLAYMOBIL’s eco-friendly product line consisting of, on average, more than 80% sustainable materials – children can embark on adventures to vibrant regions around the world, encouraging an appreciation for the wildlife that lives there and our planet as a whole.


The app you can get and use the incldued cards with is fantastic. While we always try to steer our kids away from electronics, this app and use of cards is an exception. There are lots of little tidbits to learn as well, which is why I’m so happy to see a unique card (or more than one with bigger sets) included in the packaging.

We have never reviewed these animal packs before – we did review the Research Tower and the Animal Care Station – but I have purchased some while at the Toronto Zoo (thanks for having these products). I never relaized that inside the packaging there were little puzzles for kids to complete. I’ve seen a few different ones, but Lincoln’s favourites have been the mazes and the “Spot the Similar Image” puzzles. This made my wife and I realize that these are great little products to take to restaurants with young kids. There are only a few pieces, and even the small pieces can be put into a pocket or purse. The animals are nice and chunky, and with no concerns about something getting lost, it’s a great table toy!

Wiltopia - Tiger - 71055 | PLAYMOBIL®

We have a lot more reviews coming soon, but you can shop the entire line of Playmobil products over on their website! Big thanks to Playmobil for sending this over, and stay tuned for more Wiltopia reviews, coming soon!



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