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More Thoughts From Me Special Edition #2: Will This Be Nintendo’s Worst E3?

Nintendo announced their E3 plans today and…it was not what I was hoping for. And so I ask, along with everyone else, what is Nintendo doing? Could this be their worst E3 ever?


Nintendo’s plans for E3 include….Zelda Wii U and nothing else. Nintendo will be focusing on the one game only and there will be no Digital Event this year. There is only going to be a Treehouse Live on Tuesday, June 14th and the Treehouse will focus on the new upcoming Wii U Zelda game. And thats the only plan that Nintendo has for E3. No Digital Event this year, no Nintendo World Challenge, and no other games. What exactly is Nintendo doing?

Now, I know that a lot of people were already thinking that Nintendo was going to only show Zelda at E3 because of their previous announcement. I doubted this heavily and defended Nintendo. And I said if Zelda was the only game at E3, then Nintendo must really believe in the title. Plus, they have Nintendo Directs where they can show other games for this year. And while I still do believe there will be other games for this year, I have to say that I am disappointed that the new Zelda game will be the only game for Nintendo at E3. I didn’t think that this would actually happen. I truly believed that even if Zelda was the only playable game at E3 for Nintendo, they would at least show some other games in a Digital Event. I was so very wrong.

Its still not the end of the world or in this case, the end of Nintendo. As I previously said, Nintendo doesn’t care about E3 as much as we do. They have plenty of Nintendo Directs to show other things. I’m hoping that we’ll see a Direct in June or sometime in July. There has to be, at the very least, some games coming for the 3DS right? I think there will be more than just Color Splash for Wii U too. I have to believe this. I’m not ready to give up on Nintendo.

But putting aside what Nintendo may or may not have coming out this year, I’m not sure how well Nintendo will fair at E3 with only one game. I love the Legend of Zelda franchise. I’m a huge fan of the games. Even so, I’m not sure how this one game will hold up their entire E3 experience. Could the new Zelda game be something so jaw dropping that it needs the entire E3 to show it off? Nintendo seems to believe so. They have also put on a contest on twitter for a fan to win a trip to E3 (see the picture above). Though, I’m not sure why anyone would want to go this year, aside from the hardest of hardcore Zelda fan.

Its hard for someone like me, a total Nintendo fanboy, to wrap my mind around all of this. My faith in Nintendo lately has been taking a major nose dive. First Nintendo goes mobile, My Nintendo comes out and its not very good, then Zelda is put on the NX too and delayed till next year, and now this. I really don’t understand what Nintendo is doing. I thought they did a great job at the last couple of E3’s. I know I was one of the few who thought so. But this year, I don’t know how even I’ll be able to say this isn’t Nintendo’s worst E3.

I know we shouldn’t prejudge Nintendo before we see what they do at E3. And I also feel like I’m turning into one of those whiners that I wrote about not too long ago. I absolutely hate that. I hate how disappointed I feel in my favorite video game company today. I hope that when E3 gets here, they’ll prove me and everyone else wrong. I hope that Zelda will turn out to be one of the greatest games we’ve ever seen. That will definitely be the only thing that will let Nintendo “win” this E3. Zelda has to be like nothing we’ve ever seen before from the franchise (and more). Of course, even if it is, there will still be those who refuse to give Nintendo a win on just one game…

Here’s hoping there are still surprises around the corner this year. Perhaps Nintendo will be presenting us with some great stuff away from E3 this year. I want to believe Nintendo. I really do.

What do you think of Nintendo’s E3 plans? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Next week: plans change. Since Nintendo has already told us what we should expect at E3, next weeks regular More Thoughts will focus on Sony & Microsoft. I may not be much of fan of them these days, but I still have hopes and dreams for them. What would I like to see from them both at E3? You’ll find out next week.

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