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Should We Be Worried About Metal Gear Solid 3?

Yes, a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake is in the works. And yes, it will be without Hideo Kojima. Should we be worried?

I mean, it’s one of the greatest games of all time, filled with iconic moment after iconic moment. Any shift in tone would stick out like a cheese sandwich in a gourmet restaurant. And this is the internet. So there is always room for worry.

However, a tidy bit of good news has potentially come out this morning. While rumours have persisted about it being a PlayStation exclusive, Insider Gaming claims that it’ll be available on Xbox Series X and PC too. Which is as it should be.

It is rumoured that a teaser for the project will be shown at the PlayStation showcase this week. So Metal Gear fans – like me – won’t have long to wait to know how big a deal these rumours are.

However, they have been rather persistent. Like the Silent Hill rumours before them, something is almost certainly happening. We just don’t know the details as to what.

If the next two or so days go well, maybe we can start talking about this project with excitement, rather than dread. But we’ll see how well it goes.

I’m being a little overdramatic. The reality is that there isn’t really anything to worry about. This will not get rid of the original game, in the same way that Resident Evil 2 doesn’t get rid of… well, Resident Evil 2.

That’s on the presumption – and the hope – that they bring back the damn HD Collection, which was a masterpiece on Xbox, and was a welcome addition to PlayStation Now on Sony consoles. It was removed for rights issues and then has “mysteriously” never returned.

The Future of Metal Gear

Why is it “mysterious”, rather than simply mysterious? Because alongside the Metal Gear Solid 3 rumour, a re-release of the HD Collection for PS5 and Xbox Series X has been on the cards. This is amazing news, because it worked so well on Xbox One X that spreading that joy to other platforms will only be a good thing.

In fact, for all the platforms that benefit the most from this whole thing, it’ll be PC. Because those guys have never officially been able to get at Metal Gear Solid 3. And that’s ridiculous. Between the remake and the HD Collection, it is finally going to be happening.

That leaves just one mainstream Metal Gear game locked to a single platform. And I’m not talking about Twin Snakes (although…).

Metal Gear Solid 4 is still sadly trapped on the PlayStation 3. And while you used to be able to stream it through PlayStation Now, that is no longer and option.

And so while I’m excited for the prospect of the HD Collection returning, there’s no reason not to expand it somewhat too. Please, Konami?

Why worry about the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake? If it’s dreadful – and Konami would be reckless to release it if it was – then the benefits of the series returning would still be strong.


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