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Scarlet Nexus PS4 Demo Impressions

A demo of Scarlet Nexus was released for the PS4 today. I didn’t know a whole lot about the game but it looked interesting so I decided to check it out. What do I think of the Scarlet Nexus demo? Is this a game you should check out? Here are my thoughts on the Playstation 4 demo of Scarlet Nexus!


Scarlet Nexus is set in a future full of weird, sometimes giant, creatures and people with powers such as Telekinesis , pyrokinesis, invisibility, and more. The player can chose from two characters: one male and one female.

The male character has a sword for close combat and telekinesis for throwing items around with his mind. The female character has psychic knives that she can throw and telekinesis. Both characters are supported by their own group, each of whom their own powers that the main character can tap into.

I played as the female character first. She and her group went to an abandoned area that looked like it was around a factory and some other buildings. There were a lot of enemies to fight and items to find.

The demo offered a tutorial for the controls and I tried that out first. The game does use a lot of buttons but once you figure out what everything does it works really well. Even when you go into the regular demo, the game gives you some additional tutorial to deal with your group.

My favorite part of the demo? Throwing stuff around with your mind! You can pick things up with the R2 button and throw them at the enemy. Special items with that deal more damage can be picked up with the L2 button. Things that can be thrown are: cars, concrete, barrels, and much more. Its so much fun. I loved it.

The girl character had a group with Invisibility, super speed, and a couple of other powers. The player can push the R1 button and either X, square, circle, or triangle to tap into these powers and use them. They are very cool. I loved the Invisibility and super speed!


Visually, the game looks very nice. The creatures are especially awesome. The final boss in the demo is huge (you fight the same boss no matter which character you play). It was so much fun to fight and defeat it. I didn’t find the demo to be too hard but it was fun.

I also tried out the male character. I liked his sword! And his group had somebody with pyrokinesis, meaning you could set enemies on fire. That was awesome. Also another character gave you the ability to tap into teleportation! Nice.

And I should note that the area that the male character and his group visit is totally different from the female character’s area. He and his group visit a city with lots of buildings. There are signs all over and stairs to go up and down. Its a more close quarters area than the female characters more open area. Plus I think its far more detailed! The graphics really shine in the male character’s demo. I enjoyed both parts of the demo a lot though.

The game is primarily an action/adventure, but it does have some rpg elements like a skill tree where you can upgrade your health, power, and more. It looks like you’ll also have items to equip. I looked at this some but mostly¬† I was too busy throwing items at enemies.

As for the story, I thought it was interesting and like how the cutscenes had a sort of comic book feel to them. Both the male and female character storyline in the demo is similar and some scenes feel the same in each but the characters bring different things, personality and power wise, to the demo. Its well worth checking out both sections!

Overall, Scarlet Nexus reminds me a bit of Platinum’s Astral Chain. It has a bit of the same cyberpunk anime look to it. The controls are a bit similar too, though Scarlet Nexus has the awesome mental powers added on.

Scarlet Nexus looks like its going to be an awesome game! I enjoyed the demo a lot. I highly recommend checking out out if you are fan of action/adventure games! The demo is out now on the PS4, PS5, and Xbox systems. The full game of Scarlet Nexus will release on June 25!


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