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Puzzle Games belong on Nintendo Switch

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been playing a fair share of puzzle and narrative games on my Nintendo Switch. You can’t go wrong with a good puzzle; and outside of your traditional sudoku and jigsaw puzzles, there’s a whole host of puzzle and narrative games on the Nintendo Switch to get the brain cogs turning. Whether that be Lost Words: Beyond the Page, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Famicom Detective Club, or Layton Mystery Journeys. It has highlighted one thing for me – puzzle and narrative driven games will always play well on Nintendo Switch, and I hope we continue to see more of these titles in the future.


This could begin with E3 2021, where I’m hopeful (although not optmistic) that a brand new Captain Toad might be announced. It’s been a long time since Captain Toad first popped up in Super Mario 3D World, before getting his own title just a year later in Treasure Tracker. While the game has been ported over to the Nintendo Switch with a few bits of extra content, a brand new experience is one many are really looking forward too. After all, Captain Toad really is one big puzzle.

But other titles like Famicom Detective Club and Lost Words: Beyond the Page also have a great place on the Nintendo Switch. The system doesn’t need to work too hard to bring these games to life, and they always seem to be better experienced up close and personal, while snuggled under a blanket with the screen near your face, as opposed to being played on a giant TV. They are personal, intimate experiences that beg to be played a few moments at a time, at home or on the go.

And then there is the Professor Layton series – while Level 5 has only given us one game on the Nintendo Switch – also available on the 3DS and mobile devices – I think the puzzle solving elements of that franchise lends itself to the Nintendo Switch platform, and perhaps E3 2021 is also where Level-5 announces yet another Professor Layton game – I know I would be trilled.

I’ve been playing through Layton Mystery Journeys on Nintendo Switch, and you can see that above. Are you looking for more Nintendo Switch puzzle style games? Let us know what you want to see in the comments below.


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