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Playmobil Wiltopia is at McDonalds Canada

Playmobil Canada is celebrating 50 years, and what better way to celebrate than collaborating with the worlds most recognizable fast food chain to release toys in happy meals. That’s right, Playmobil animals are now available at McDonalds Canada! Wiltopia has quickly become my son Lincoln’s favourite Playmobil theme, so when we stopped for after soccer ice cream at our local McDonald’s, we were thrilled to see these available!


At a cost of $2.00 per toy, you can walk into you McDonalds and purchase as many as they have on hand, which for me was almost all of them. This is unlike other McDonalds toy runs where the store might only have specific toys in the set at specific times. We were able to get the caiman, polar bear, sea turtle, river dolphin, wolf, and orangutan.

Most of the toys have l got have limited articulation which shouldn’t come as a shock. These are still McDonalds toys after all. I did find it odd that the back legs of the polar bear could be moved, but not the front. The caiman and river dolphin are both just solid pieces of plastic with no moving parts at all.


The best value in the set, in my opinion, is the sea turtle. The design of the turtle is phenomenal, with flippers that move and a head that tilts up and down. This has the most articulation based on its actual world features, which makes it the best toy to play with in the bunch.

Lincoln has been able to seamlessly integrate all these toys into his Wiltopia collection, and we will be looking for more in the near future. If you have a Playmobil loving child in your life, get out to McDonald’s Canada before they go away. I could see these going fast!



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