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Nintendo Will Announce New System This Fiscal Year

During a recent investors meeting, Nintendo confirmed that they will be announcing a new Nintendo system this fiscal year. What does that mean? We talk about it!


Nintendo held an investors meeting this week and confirmed that a new Nintendo system will be announced this fiscal year. What does this mean?

This fiscal year is until March 2025. While Nintendo could announce the new system this year, 2024, its far more likely that they will announce the system from January to March of 2025. Its possible they could reveal it in January and release it in March. Though if they want more time, they could announce it early next year and then release it for holiday 2025. In any case, its all speculation, the only thing Nintendo confirmed is that they will be announcing it this fiscal year.

Nintendo also said that we will be getting a Nintendo Direct in June but it will not feature the new system. The Direct will be focused on Nintendo Switch games for the rest of this year.

What will Nintendo’s next system be? Are you looking forward to it?


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