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Nintendo Switch Sports Preview

Nintendo Switch Sports is a casual sports game in the same vein as Wii Sports. Thanks to Nintendo Canada, I’m reviewing the game and have playing it a bit since Saturday. Here are my thoughts on the game so far.


Nintendo Switch Sports is a lot like Wii Sports. The bowling plays a lot like that game and the other sports will remind players of something out of the Wii era. Of course the graphics are a lot better than what we saw on the Wii. The Miis are gone (though you can use a Mii head if you want, it looks weird) and in their place are more cartoon-like characters. All of the sports look nice and play exactly as you’d think they would play.

At the moment, bowling is my favorite of the sports. In my first match, it was late at night and I played the game in portable more. I won my first time but I didn’t care for playing the game in handheld. The joycons have to be detached from the Switch so you can’t hold the screen and the joycons. Nintendo Switch Sports is a lot better on the TV. I had fun standing up and bowling. It reminded me of the good ol’ Wii days. What about the other sports though? Are they fun?

Soccer is the hardest of the games. You have to control your characters movement and use motion controls. Its pretty tricky. It looked like other people were struggling in the online match I took part in because my team only scored once and the other team didn’t at all.


Tennis and badminton basically play the same. Volleyball is alright. Chambara (sword fighting) is neat. I’ve only tried one sword so far but will try the other sword fighting modes before my review. I’ve mostly played the online mode, which works well, but you can play locally with one or more players too. Although it looks like you can’t unlock rewards if you play off-line.

So far, I like Nintendo Switch Sports but I don’t love it. Bowling is fun and I can see playing that a lot more but I’m not sure about the other sports. The game is good, though is it a must buy? I will continue to play and have more thoughts on Nintendo Switch Sports in my full review. Stay tuned to!

What do you think of Nintendo Switch Sports?

Thanks to Nintendo Canada for providing us with a digital code. Nintendo Switch Sports is now available via retail and the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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