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Nintendo Switch Everywhere Messenger Bag

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at various PowerA accessories for the Nintendo Switch. We gave rave reviews to the Joy-Con grip, and thought that the Joy-Con charging dock was a must own for anyone hoping to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe frequently. But what happens when you want to bring your Switch on vacation, or to a friends house? There are only a few official options right now, and the Everywhere Messenger Bag from PowerA is one of them!


If you read our article about the importance of Officially Licensed Products, you’ll be happy to know that the Everywhere Messenger Bag from PowerA has the officially approval seal from Nintendo themselves. And rightfully so, as the quality in this messenger bag is top notch. It doesn’t hold as much as a typical backpack might, but with special pouches for all the Switch items, it’s compact size and great, protected storage makes it the perfect travel companion.

Off the top I should reiterate that this bag has a dedicated space for everything that came with your Nintendo Switch. There is a spot to strap in the dock, and area for cables, a spot for your Switch unit in it’s own dedicated case – more on this below – and of course areas for extra games and controllers.


It’s not the biggest bag on the market for the Nintendo Switch, put it serves it’s purpose well, and comes with a few added benefits. Unlike it’s competitors products – which are only usable in travel situations – the PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag includes a case for your Nintendo Switch unit, which can be used whether you are travelling or not. The protective case can be removed from the bag for every day use, so if you were determined to pick up a travel bag AND a protective case, this product will ultimately save you some money.

The messenger bag has two ‘modes’ of portability. You can either use the handle on the outside of the bag to carry it like a briefcase, or use the more comfortable method of the shoulder strap which makes the case a messenger bag. Whichever way you decide to carry it, rest assured you are using a quality product that won’t break even with some extra weight added.


The compact design of the PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag is definitely a positive, and as a Nintendo Switch travel companion, I think it does the job well. If compactness is your key objective, than PowerA’s product is the one for you. Don’t expect to added to many extra, ‘everyday’ items, however, as the bag itself is smaller than a traditional backpack. You won’t be able to securely slide an iPad in with your Switch, nor can you take a ‘LOT’ of accessories if you plan on running a large Mario Kart 8 tournament.
I don’t think many people will need more space, and for 40-50 dollars – depending on your North American retailer – this will be the case that will satisfy more than 75% of the Switch ownership base. To be accurate, without demeaning, the PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag will carry everything that comes with your switch and a few extras. If you have more than 4 Joy-Cons (and presumably accessories for those Joy-Cons) it is doubtful you’ll fit it all in here.
That being said, most people don’t have more than 4 Joy-Cons so a larger bag isn’t always that necessary. With the added value in the removable Switch pouch, I’d recommend the PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag to almost any Nintendo Switch owner. For travelling with your Switch, it doesn’t get much better than this!

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