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Nintendo Announces Game Builder Garage For the Switch

As we all know by now, Nintendo loves to surprise its fans. Today, out of nowhere, a brand new game that we knew nothing about was announced: Game Builder Garage! This new game will let players build their own games. Check out the trailer below and then come back here for some thoughts on Game Builder Garage for Nintendo Switch.

Game Builder Garage isn’t the first game by Nintendo to let players create their own games of course. Warioware DIY, Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2 paved the way for that. Game Builder Garage seems to have more in common with Warioware DIY because you can create any kind of game, though it doesn’t look like it’ll be limited to short experiences. This could be Nintendo’s answer to Dreams.

It looks like there were be plenty of tutorials to get you use to creating games. The interface doesn’t look as simple as Super Mario Maker or Warioware but it doesn’t look as complex as Dreams.

There was a wide variety of games types shown though: shooters, platformers, card games, and more! It looks like you’ll also be able to use the touch screen to draw your characters!

Taking a look at the game’s official website reveals that there will be In-game purchases for Game Builder. Also the site says that if you want to share your game with people, you do that via a code. So its unclear if you will be uploading your game to a server like Mario Maker or sharing via code only. Hopefully there is an online server for the games…

Game Builder Garage is listed for $29.99. It looks like its going to be a very robust and fun tool for creating games. It comes out on June 11th! Are you interested in creating your own games?


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