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New Micro Squadron Star Wars Toys from Jazwares are Perfect for All Ages

Recently, a box of the new Micro Squadron Star Wars toys from Jazwares arrived at the office, and it didn’t take my kids long to find the box, tear them all open, and start playing with all the great little ships and characters inside. Unfortunately, none of them asked me whether I wanted to keep any of the ships for display purposes, but I guess I don’t get a say! It did make me think, however – is this a great toy for kids, and a nifty collectible for adults? Let’s take a look.

We took a look at a number of different ships and characters from the Micro Squadron lineup including the 3 inch ships, the 5 inch ships, and the larger Razor Crest ship which isn’t given a inch measurement, but is the largest of the ships in this set alongside the AT AT Walker and the Millenium Falcon.

For the most part, the ships and micro characters are really fun to play with. All the ships have a cockpit which will hold a figure so they can steer the spaceship, although getting the tiny characters into their tiny seats wasn’t always the easiest task for my kids. That being said, in some of the harder to fit cockpits there is a button that allows you to easily eject the character once they are seated inside the ship, which I thought was a really cool touch. This is especially useful on the various TIE Fighters.

Some of the vehicles have a number of additional play elements that make them really unique. Some of the smaller 3 inch ships have built in landing gear, Moth Gideons TIE Fighter’s wings can fold, allowing the ship to sit on a little stand. And the Razor Crest has a ton of different elements including a cargo ramp at the back, a bounty in carbonite, a side panel and door, and the roof can also be removed to provide easy access to the inside.

blankI did find that, although the box attempts to show off the various play elements, it was still tricky for my kids to figure out. The top of the Razer Crest, as well as the side panel, were particularly difficult to remove, and did require an adults help. Everything else, however, the kids were able to accomplish on their own.

The figures themselve are of micro scale, and larger handed adults and kids might find it difficult to get these figures in and out of vehicles. The detail on the figures isn’t the best you’ll see, but recognize these are micro figures – honestly, only so much can be done, and my kids loved playing with them! Some of the figures have cape accessories. In our sets, both Darth Vader and Moff Gideon had capes – these often fell off, but after hours of play my kids never really complained, so I guess it’s a non-issue really!

If you are an adult looking to purchase and display these toys, I think you will be pleasantly surprised, The packaging is very shiny, but with a nice classy look. It’s not gaudy, but represents the Star Wars franchise well. The figures have their own place within the packaging and are easily visible, and the ships are positioned inside the packaging in such a way that it highlights the best and coolest features of the product.


I had planned to save one or two of these for the shelf behind my streaming setup, but that went out the window when I turned my back for a few minutes. Thankfully, though, my kids are having a blast with these toys, and are looking to get themselves more! That AT AT Walker looks phenomenal!

All in all, I think these are a great little gift for a Star Wars fan on May 4th, so head to your local GameStop Canada location and grab yours today!


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