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NEW LEGO Super Mario Power-Up Packs Coming August 1st

With the announcement of the new line of Super Mario toys coming to LEGO form, Nintendo and LEGO announced today that 4 new power-up packs are going to be available, alongside the base game, on August 1st, 2020.


In a video posted to the Nintendo YouTube channel, the two companies showed up the new packs – you can check out that video below:

The 4 new Power-Up packs are:

  1. Fire Mario – when you put this pack on Mario, he will be able to shoot fireballs at his enemies.
  2. Propeller Mario – unique sound affects incoming! Jump fast and high into the sky with this pack to reach those out-of the way locations! By doing tricks with Mario while airborne, you can score tons of coins!
  3. Cat Mario – a personal favourite for many who played Super Mario 3D World, Cat Mario is now in LEGO form. Cat Mario comes with a wide range of new sound effects, and can earn coins for the player while walking up walls!
  4. Builder Mario – Mario Maker will not die, and it is also making a comeback in LEGO form! Jump up with Builder Mario and come smashing down to earn extra coins!

All the packs will be available August 1st!


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