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More Thoughts From Me Special Edition: Paper Mario Surprise

Nintendo likes to surprise its fans and today they gave us a new one in the form of Paper Mario: The Origami King! I’m a big fan of the Paper Mario series and so this announcement really excited me. Here are my thoughts on Paper Mario: The Origami King!


Paper Mario: The Origami King is the newest entry in the Paper Mario franchise. The last game was Paper Mario: Color Splash. I liked that game a lot. What do I think of The Origami King?

I was absolutely wowed by the trailer for The Origami King. The paper folding mechanic makes me think of The Thousand Year Door, which used the paper aspect of the game in unique ways. Origami King looks like it’ll have some crazy new folding mechanics.

But thats not all Origami King has to offer! The trailer revealed that Mario will travel via boat and even a car. This game’s world looks even bigger than previous Paper Mario games.

And then there’s Origami Kings battle system. This time around players will have to line up enemies and then attack them by stomping on their head. I like the look of the new system and can’t wait to try it out.

I also like the look of the new extending arms that let you interact with the environment in some very Thousand Year Door like ways. Its great to see the paper environment become important again.

Finally, I’m sure many will make a lot out of the Metroid tease at the end, but I think it just means we can expect a lot of Nintendo references out of this new Paper Mario.

I am so happy that Paper Mario is coming to the Nintendo Switch! Is it July 17th yet?


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